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Loyal Employees Clock Up Almost 500 Years of Service

Loyal Employees Clock Up Almost 500 Years of Service

In a world where changing jobs every five years has become the norm, employees at Cowens Group, Chartered Insurance Brokers and Chartered Financial Planners based in Mansfield, are bucking the trend, with almost half of the 60-strong team clocking up more than ten years’ service.

Of the 26 long-standing employees, seven have celebrated more than 25 years’ service, earning themselves a week in a Portuguese villa, and three have spent their entire working lives at the firm. From the introduction of computers and other technology to developments within the industry there have been many changes, but everyone puts their loyalty down to the consistent mentoring and support provided by the Cowens management team. 

Simon Fabian, who was the most recent recipient of the 25-year service award, explained why he has stayed for more than two decades.

“I joined the firm when it was a relatively small family business but the feeling I got when I walked in the door all those years ago - of support, encouragement and having a part to play, still exists today.

“Everyone is treated like an individual at Cowens but more than that, the management team takes the time to understand each person, find out their interests and areas of expertise and then play to those strengths. For me, this meant being given the opportunity to develop the risk solutions division. I look forward to coming to work every day as I’m doing something I enjoy.”

Many employees have celebrated their biggest milestones whilst working at Cowens, from significant birthdays to weddings and the birth of children. Lisa Kessler, who is the firm’s longest-serving employee with 35 years under her belt, met her husband at the company and now has both her children working alongside her too. She said,

“The team at Cowens have seen me through marriage, children, illnesses and more – it’s more like a family to me.”

Cowens Group CEO, Paul Chaplin, added,

“We’re really proud of our staff retention and the fact we have so many people who have been here for over a decade speaks volumes about Cowens as a place to work. A lot has changed over the years, but our values and the way we do business has remained consistent and I believe this shines through.”

Cowens Group is one of the Midlands’ leading independent Chartered Insurance Brokers and financial planning companies, with offices in Mansfield, Stamford, Birmingham and Milton Keynes and clients across the country. Brands under the Group umbrella include Financial Planning, Private Clients, Survival Capability, Risk Solutions and Employee Benefits, offering a wide range of services to both private and commercial clients.

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