Purely Digital joins The Climate Fightback

Purely Digital joins The Climate Fightback

On 21st November, Derby based print company, Purely Digital, took part in a tree planting day with Premier Paper and as part of The Big Climate Fightback, a campaign organised by the Woodland Trust.

The aim for Team Purely was to plant 150 trees in one day, a target that the Purely Digital team easily reached and even had time to help others with re-planting too!

Over the course of the day, Purely Digital owner Andrew Edmondson, who was joined by Craig Barker from Koobr, planted the trees to help offset the carbon emissions produced by Purely Digital. It is said that everyone on the planet would need to plant 150 trees to reverse the damage that carbon emissions have caused over the past 10 years alone, so Andrew and Craig grabbed their spades and set out planting.

The event was incredibly well attended with more than 300 people taking part, one of which was Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury who was there to share her knowledge about the benefits of getting outdoors, and the impact that the environment can have on health. An incredible 13,000 trees were planted in total throughout the day.

The trees were planted in Mead near Heanor in Derbyshire, which is an area newly acquired by the Woodland Trust and planned to be the first Young People’s Forest, as part of an initiative led by Premier Paper and the Woodland Trust.

Purely Digital has been committed to reducing its impact on the environment since the business was founded in 2008. The printing company captures 100% of its carbon emissions, using renewable energy and through Premier Paper Group’s Carbon Capture scheme. The scheme aims to mitigate CO2 emissions generated by the production, storage and distribution of paper. Purely Digital is one of the few printing companies in the UK to be signed up to the full scheme and is proud to be a Certified Carbon Capture Company meaning that all CO2 the business emits are offset.

The print company has already been responsible for the planting of over 2,000m2 of trees to remove over 80,000kg of carbon dioxide and last week’s tree planting will further that as well as the company’s commitment to carbon offsetting.  The event gave the team a chance to roll up their sleeves and plant some trees themselves. The planting day was  part of The Big Climate Fightback, a Woodland Trust campaign to get one million people to pledge to plant a tree before the end of November this year.

Discussing taking part, Andrew commented:

“It’s been brilliant for us to get outdoors and get our hands dirty planting some trees. The 150+ trees we planted represent the bigger picture of our commitment to the environment. The Woodland Trust and Premier Paper are doing amazing things to protect the future of the planet, so I think it’s great that this has shone a light on what they do. Hopefully this will inspire more people to do their bit and perhaps even join in with Tree Planting Week next year.” 

Visit www.purelydigital.co.uk to find out about Purely Digital’s green policies, as well as its work Premier’s Paper and The Woodland Trust.

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