Double Anniversary For Young Carlton-based Entrepreneur

Double Anniversary For Young Carlton-based Entrepreneur

A Nottinghamshire businesswoman who founded both a coffee shop and a cocktail bar in Ilkeston is set to mark the double anniversary of her business ventures. 

Laura Cassidy (25) from Nottingham established Coffee Vida on the corner of Ilkeston’s Market Place in 2016, before adding a cocktail bar called Bar Vida directly next door in November 2018. 

Famed for bringing a touch of ‘city life’ to the Derbyshire town with its sophisticated atmosphere and its ‘Fizzy Fridays’, Bar Vida is now set to celebrate its first year in business with a birthday bash on November 30.

The event will see the launch of an exciting new Christmas drinks menu, as well as special anniversary offers and a free glass of fizz between 4pm and 8pm. According to Laura, it will also be her chance to thank the people of Ilkeston who have made both the coffee shop and the cocktail bar such thriving local hotspots.  

She said:

“The coffee shop is a great place to spend time. We have an established bedrock of regular customers and sales that average around 1,000 cups of coffee a week, so there’s always a lovely buzz to it.”

As for the cocktail bar, Laura admits she has learned a lot since its opening in 2018:

“There’s no doubt that the locals here love the bar’s quality of drinks and upmarket, urban vibe, but we’ve come to realise that they also love a traditional pint. So we’ve added to our wines, cocktails, lagers and spirits with a premium cider and a draft IPA - and people have responded by bringing their custom to our door.”

Bar Vida is designed to offer everything a high-end city bar offers but with a character that is tailored to the appetites of the locals. While Martini-based cocktails remain among the bar’s best sellers, it also stocks 20 gins and 13 carefully selected wines and has become popular as a hire venue for private parties, as well as occasional bands, live acts and DJs.  

As she moves into her fourth year in business, Laura has no regrets about her decision to relocate to the Derbyshire market town.

She said:

“It’s hard work running a coffee shop and a cocktail bar. You have to apply yourself day and night to get it right but Ilkeston has been really good to me. 

“Both the bar and the coffee shop are now established favourites here – so if we can play our part in helping bring extra life and colour to this part of the town, we’re delighted to be able to give something back.” 

To attend the birthday event and enjoy your free glass of fizz, visit the Bar Vida Facebook page.

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