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Muldale Makes Moves Towards a Sustainable Future

After doubling the size of its warehouse and introducing custom spaces for environmentally friendly packaging, Gainsborough-based online retailer Muldale has committed to a sustainable future.

The family-run business, formerly Wren Home & Outdoors, is responding to the growing consumer demand for ecological products and packaging.

It sells a wide range of home and lifestyle products internationally and has not only made sure all infill packaging is biodegradable but has committed to using a biodegradable bubble wrap substitute by the end of 2020.

All the cardboard and packaging that enters Muldale’s warehouse is recycled either through reuse or by sending it to a third party.

“The sustainable approach has been embraced by our customers and the significant investment we’ve made in our facilities has simplified logistics to address this growing trend,” explains Muldale’s Managing Director Miia Wren.

“We’re now investing in our website and design so that we can soon label products featuring four clear messages: ‘eco’, ‘recyclable’, ‘made in the UK’ and ‘lifetime guarantee’, to help customers make choices that reduce their carbon footprint.”

Miia and her co-director and husband Jody are also exploring new areas for growth in the garden and outdoor sectors to help promote their planet-conscious ethos.

The pair are keen to branch out into areas they are passionate about, including camping, climbing, scrambling and other outdoor pursuits.

They are championing reusable and recyclable brands, offering lifetime guarantees on high-quality items, and Muldale’s greener product selection includes items made from wood and metal rather than plastic.

“We are only just beginning this period of rapid growth and are expecting to double our revenue from the garden and outdoor sectors next year,” Miia added.

Miia and Jody took over the business in 2013, after spending 15 years living in Miia’s home country of Finland. They have changed the name to Muldale to give the company more global appeal and futureproof it for continued growth.

Muldalen is a valley in Norway and reflects the fact that the company stocks a range of Scandinavian brands.

“The ‘dale’ part of the name also ties the company to England, thanks to its connotations of the Great British countryside,” added Miia.

“With our new identity we are ready to continue our expansion while ensuring ecological choices are at the forefront of what we do.”

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