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The future is bright for Parify Group Ltd as Scot Walker becomes majority shareholder and shares plans to trade overseas

Scot Walker, founder of innovative lighting providers Parify Group Ltd, has bought the shares from co-director Andy Twigg, which makes him the sole owner of the company.

Parify design, develop and manufacture specialist LED lighting. Over the past 6 years it has become a trusted and reputable name within the industry. The reputation of this company has gone from strength to strength, which has landed them with work from some of the biggest jewellery retailers in the UK, giving Scot the platform to expand the business into new territories, and further his innovations to help a variety of sectors showcase their products in the best light.

Parify is beginning to prepare itself for significant growth within the jewellery industry, both here in the UK and in Europe. To see the company stride into these overseas markets, Parify have hired a Global Sales Manager to ensure they become a dominant force once they have established themselves in the countries of their European colleagues. The dreaded B word does not worry Scot as all, as he explains:

“Brexit does not mean that business on the continent cannot be done, it just merely means it will have to be done differently.”

The continued expansion will see a full brand facelift which will be handled and managed by our retained marketing, communications and PR agency, Mocha Marketing. This will have a view of cementing the brands’ image firmly in place for the next phase of their development, not only in Europe, but into other sectors of specialist controllable lighting such as high-end clothing and architectural garden lighting. Parify’s knowledge of smart lighting controls is second to none, and their innovative technology is not only cutting edge, but years ahead of what their competitors are currently supplying.

The future for Parify Group is a bright one, not only is the lighting division under expansion, but the supportive sister company Progressive Display, of which falls under the Parify Group’s control, is also undergoing a well-deserved refresh.  

When asked about what to expect from this, Scot said:

“The team at Progressive Display are extensively rebuilding the offering of the company and aim to provide more clarity of what Progressive Display offers, which is anything from a single unit to a turnkey shopfit in 10 days, these are the messages that should be heard loud and clear. As jewellers well know, the closure of a store for a refit impacts revenue, but when Progressive Display can turn this around in 10 days, the impact is minimised, and the revenue is maximised. This is what the industry needs to hear about and with this refresh underway, the message will be far clearer going forward.”

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