Let's beat the Brexit blues and election fever

Let's beat the Brexit blues and election fever

Well, it looks like we're set for another six weeks of political braying and bickering as the country gears up for a December general election. 

And beyond that, there's the small matter of yet another delay to the UK's exit from the EU, with the Prime Minister still not able to command enough backing for his revised Brexit deal. 

In the meantime, the domestic and international trading issues which have taken a back seat for too long will remain on the backburner until, hopefully, a Government emerges with a strong enough mandate to stop dithering, one way or another, and just crack on with what needs to be done. 

So, our message to business is why wait?

It's in our gift, as a region and as individual businesses, to not let the political paralysis that is starting to strangle the real economy hold us back, because we can wait forever for things that may never materialise.

A key aim of Love Business is to help raise the profile of the East Midlands not only to our own, wonderful businesses but also to those in our neighbouring regions, the rest of the UK and beyond.

There are a host of key partners who buy into this aim, from the region's leading business support organisations including East Midlands Chamber, the FSB and the IoD to business partners including Mocha Communicates, Accent Commercial Resources, Workplace Diversity Solutions, KuKu Connect and Inchcape. 

And we have got a lot to shout about and be proud of. 

The East Midlands is the heartbeat of the UK economy.

We’re great innovators. We make great things here and, because of our unique geographic location and infrastructure, we're at the epicentre of logistics when it comes to shipping them around the world.  

There's also the small matter that we caused at least two of the three industrial revolutions to date – maybe all three - and we can definitely lead the fourth.

We are one of the biggest contributors to the UK economy, arguably the biggest outside London and the South East.

And we continue to create jobs and wealth even in the face of continuing uncertainty from political machinations around Brexit and HS2, among others.

So, why let said political machinations bog us down? 

Business has shown, time and again, that it is resilient. East Midlands businesses, in particular, just tend to roll up their sleeves and get on with things. 

More of that is needed now. Change will happen, there's no doubt about that, but businesses will adapt, innovate and change to make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Politicians and the Government need to do their bit by fixing the fundamentals, providing the right kind of support and creating the environment in which businesses can deliver the growth needed to sustain the economy, but it's businesses that will do the heavy lifting. 

So, don't be blinded by the potential bumps in the road ahead, let's work together towards a brighter future and celebrate what we've got here in the East Midlands. 

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