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What does the future hold after Brexit?

After another tumultuous week in Westminster, the Government is once again on tenterhooks as it awaits word from the EU about whether or not it will grant the UK a further Brexit delay.

It’s the latest instalment in the long-running saga to bring about the result of the 2016 referendum in a way that keeps all sides happy.

Businesses, like the majority of people outside the Westminster bubble, just want to see things resolved so we can move on.

Yet three-and-a-half years on from the referendum, are we really any wiser about what the UK’s post-Brexit future may hold?   

There’s no dancing round the fact that Brexit uncertainty has hit businesses of all sizes hard.

It’s thrown investment and recruitment plans into disarray, put pressure on prices, cash flow and  productivity and just made life difficult, in general, for business to plan for what is still, in many respects, unknown.

Yet we’re still none the wiser about whether the UK’s divorce from the EU will be a messy, no deal affair or if the Prime Minister and his top team will be able to push their exit plan across the line.

There are many that hold the view that the real-world impacts of a no deal exit will  reverberate across the UK.

To its credit, the Government has repeatedly said it wants to reach a deal with the EU, with credible evidence from multiple sources underlining the importance of delivering a negotiated settlement.

Businesses do not want to see a messy and disorderly Brexit, but ongoing uncertainty means they must prepare for all possibilities, even though we’re still not clear on what the terms of our exit might look like.

Or, indeed, when it is likely to happen.

Businesses are facing significant changes on multiple fronts, and need official guidance that is consistent, precise and easily accessible, enabling them to trade in any scenario.

And we are faced with an unprecedented and ongoing political stasis on virtually every issue other than Brexit, as Government has turned its sole focus to delivering on the result of the EU referendum in 2016.

It is this paralysis and uncertainty that is hugely damaging to business, not only in terms of not knowing what may – or may not – happen after Brexit, but in terms of the ability to plan and invest with confidence, knowing that the UK will still be open for business.

Yet despite the negativity and confusion surrounding Brexit, businesses which have a strong and well thought out plan in place will be able to weather the storm.


That’s why events like Love Business are vital!

Love Business brings businesses and people together to create real-world connections which often lead to successful trading relationships.

It also connects small businesses with the funding, skills and support organisations that can be so crucial in helping them grow.

The UK’s business landscape is unpredictable and fast-moving.

Businesses have, in the past, shown great resilience, pragmatism and adaptability, which will stand them in good stead to weather this particular storm as, despite the headlines, life goes on and will continue to do so beyond Brexit.

And the truth is, even at this late stage, nobody can say with any certainty what will happen to the UK’s economy as a result.


So, why hang around waiting for things that may never materialise?

One thing we’ve learned in the past is that the businesses which are pragmatic and plan to succeed are the ones which get ahead of the curve.

History shows that wherever there are any big changes or significant shifts, they usually bring about innovation as businesses adapt to survive… and thrive.

Over the past three years, there has been a clear need for businesses to keep calm and carry on, rather than wait for answers which may never materialise, or be a long time coming.

Whatever happens with the EU, it will be down to our Government to negotiate mutually-beneficial trade deals on behalf of the UK with the nations we want to trade with post-Brexit.

However, as we’ve seen with the negotiations so far, these things take time. This is where business needs to take ownership of its own destiny.

There’s a huge amount of support available for companies that want to take the initiative.

You’ll discover much of it at Love Business 2020.

With so many potential outcomes on the horizon, our message to business is clear: keep it simple.

Don’t get distracted by the noise.

Plot your own course and stick to it.

We simply don’t know what’s going to happen, but one thing’s for certain – business will live on beyond Brexit.

It’s in our gift to make sure we make the best of things, whatever happens.


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