Digital agency tees up support for Angry Birds

Digital agency tees up support for Angry Birds

An East Midlands web, ecommerce and digital solutions developer has built the booking system for a new national leisure attraction based on global gaming smash hit, Angry Birds.

MP Digital was approached by entertainment giant Namco to build the ecommerce system to support the new Angry Birds Adventure Golf attraction, which is set to open at the Gateshead Metro later this month.

The 36-hole, 18,000 sq ft course is a world first, which stretches across two floors of the shopping mall. It’s the first in a series of sites based on the popular franchise, which are set to open over the next three years.

MP Digital, based in Nottingham, was tasked with creating the bespoke online solution used take, manage and maintain bookings for the new leisure facility, which is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

The system needed to enable the centre’s marketing team create effective campaigns, with time-specific  and unique discount codes and promotions.

The solution MP Digital created was developed with future projects in mind, so it can be easily rolled out to support future Namco projects across the UK, while still being separate and adaptable to the theme and style of each individual project.

MP Digital worked in partnership with Namco’s London-based design agency, Ascend, to create an exciting user experience from website to booking system, making sure all areas were focused on increasing conversions and taking the user on a very distinctive journey, aligned with the Angry Birds brand. 

MP Digital’s specialist team has more than 12 years’ experience in building bespoke ecommerce systems, digital solutions and integrations. It has worked on systems of all sizes, from small B2B projects through to large enterprise systems with client turnovers in excess of £300m.

David Maran, its Founding Director, said: “As a small business, to land such a high-profile project from such a huge client was a big coup for us and was down to our reputation for being able to build flexible solutions that help leisure operators streamline their operations and provide a first-class service to their customers.

“Angry Birds Adventure Golf is a unique, world-first concept that is set to be rolled out across the UK and beyond. The system we developed will help ensure this can be done with the minimum of fuss, giving centre operators the peace of mind of knowing that their booking system is safe, secure and reliable.”

Ana Pinto, Namco UK’s Marketing Manager, said: “Angry Birds Adventure Golf is a completely new and untested concept here in the UK, but because the game has become a global phenomenon with billions of fans around the world, we are expecting a hugely positive response when it opens.

“The work MP Digital has done in building us a bespoke booking system capable of managing a such a high volume of bookings while ensuring compliance and data security, reducing risk and minimising downtime, has been second to none and we are delighted with the system they have created.

“They have worked closely with our design agency to ensure the system remains fully on-brand and creates a fun, exciting and easy-to-use booking journey that will delight our customers and enhance the overall experience of this innovative new concept, which we hope to roll out across the UK later in the year.”  


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