Fast fashion in Nottingham explored by new Nottingham Business School students

The issue of ‘fast fashion’ in Nottingham is being explored by more than 1,600 talented first year Nottingham Business School (NBS) undergraduate students as part of this year’s #NBSdiscover project.

On Wednesday 2 October, students headed out into Nottingham city centre in small groups to examine the prevalence of fast fashion and observe consumer behaviour for themselves.

The groups were each assigned a zone and will explore the volume and range of fashion retailers in their area, from fast fashion through to sustainable eco-fashion brands. They also looked for textile recycling banks, retailer recycling schemes and second-hand retailers.

Evidence gathered from the task will form the basis of ongoing work throughout the students’ first year of study. Later in the term, groups will participate in a poster presentation of their findings and suggest ways in which Nottingham could play a part in reducing the adverse social and environmental impact of fast fashion.  

The project began with a keynote lecture delivered by Dr Alex Hiller of NBS, whose research considers ethical consumption, and Louise Cook, founder and owner of Sharewear, a Nottingham based Charity who support those experiencing clothing poverty. 

Now in its fourth year, #NBSdiscover has become an embedded feature for all first-year undergraduates joining NBS. Last year students tackled the issue of plastic waste in the city.

Amanda Thompson, director of Taught Undergraduate Programmes at NBS said:

“The project provides students with a unique start to their degree courses by immersing them in a major issue of relevance to business and society.

“This year we’ve chosen to focus on the business of fast fashion as it’s a topic everyone can relate to, and a phenomena that many of us fuel through our own shopping habits.

“The project highlights that people in our communities, for a whole host of reasons, experience clothing poverty, yet, at the same time, perfectly good garments are thrown into landfill and rails of unworn clothes hang in wardrobes worldwide."

NBS is currently celebrating 40 years of innovation in business education. During the last four decades, NBS has been a pioneering force in business, management and economics research and education and has seen a significant rise in international accreditations and rankings in recent years.

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