East Midlands Businesses Invited to Free Brexit-Ready Workshop

The UK’s largest independent freight forwarder, Europa Worldwide Group, is hosting a practical free-to-attend ‘Brexit Ready’ workshop to help prepare East Midlands businesses for the possibility of a No-Deal Brexit.

Europa Worldwide Group will welcome senior business leaders from across the East Midlands to the two-hour workshop at Casa Hotel in Chesterfield on October 10th. Attendees will be provided with no-nonsense advice on how to get prepared for Brexit, with the Europa Worldwide Group team on hand to answer one-on-one questions, address concerns and provide guidance and tailored support.

The specialist European road freight operator, which has a branch in Colwick Quays Business Park in Nottingham where it employs 8 people, has invested significant time and over £2m to ensure the smoothest possible transition for its customers across the country including across the East Midlands, in the event of No-Deal.

Sales and Branch Network Director at Europa Dionne Redpath said:

“Our free to attend workshops are designed to support local businesses through what is a confusing and complicated time for those who import from and export to the continent. We’ve tailored the workshops so that we can demonstrate, very simply, the necessary actions that businesses need to take in order to be Brexit ready, dispensing with jargon and keeping it clear and concise.

"Our advice is based upon the action we’ve taken ourselves. We’ve made adjustments to our business model and have put in place new processes and procedures, so that we can provide as smooth a flow of goods as possible, with the hope of minimising any negative impact to transit times. Plus, by securing AEO Trusted Trader Status and expanding our Transit Guarantee, we will ensure that we have adequate facilities to look after all of our customers’ requirements.”

Comments from attendees at Europa’s four previous Brexit Ready sessions across the UK have been glowing, with guests saying how useful and insightful the workshops were. Operations Manager at Ditton Wine Traders, David Murphy, said:

“Aside from the preparation clearly being undertaken by Europa, the presentation itself was very good, both speakers were knowledgeable and they managed to stay clear to the message and avoided any politicising of the situation, which is not easy.”

Pro-active steps taken by Europa Worldwide include:

• An investment (over £2m) in its Dartford transit warehouse to increase racking capacity by 75 per cent. The company was concerned that if customers do not react in a timely manner to customs clearance matters, their warehouse could get clogged with freight on hold. The additional space ensures that they have more than adequate capacity to deal with this risk.

• Europa Road has gained Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) accreditation, which is allowing Europa to increase its T form guarantee to provide ample capacity to handle all of its customers goods.

• It has increased its international trucking fleet by 20 per cent, to provide additional flexibility to deal with short term border delays or deviations via customs points.

• It has invested over 2,000 senior management hours in Brexit preparation meetings to design new processes and ensure compliance with new rules and regulations.

• It has spent more than four man-years of IT development time, using in-house developers to ensure IT systems are straight forward, user-friendly and quick;

• It has created a new customs clearance team, and expanded and trained its operational teams

The Chesterfield workshop will cover the simple steps importers and exporters need to take. There will be facilities to register for both TSP and EORI. Therefore, if attendees need to register they can bring along company details and VAT number.

Europa Worldwide Group will have a turnover of over £200m in 2019 and employs 900 staff across 16 sites in the UK, plus Belgium and Hong Kong. Europa Worldwide Group is a specialist road, air & sea, warehouse and showfreight.

If you would like to see if spaces are still available on Europa’s Chesterfield Brexit workshop, email brexitforum@europa-worldwide.com

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