PLM Global celebrate a successful 5 years which has seen amazing growth and a £3.1Million annual turnover

PLM Global celebrate a successful 5 years which has seen amazing growth and a £3.1Million annual turnover

With so many stories of doom and gloom within our manufacturing and services sectors, it’s refreshing to hear about growth and positivity. And that’s definitely what we are seeing from the UK-based mobile print and EPoS company, PLM Global.

This forward-thinking solutions provider specialises in the supply, repair and maintenance of hand-held data capture devices, mobile print and EPoS hardware. They also focus strongly on environmental considerations and support their clients to repair, refurbish and reuse existing equipment – a valuable service at a time when environmental credentials and cost savings matter.

With over 350 clients spanning many industries (including both SME and Blue Chip organisations), PLM Global have reached a milestone of gaining a consistent £3.1Million annual turnover. Whilst the 3 Directors of the business knew each other when working for other companies within the industry, it was only in December 2013 that they decided to join together and change the way that the EPoS offering was taken to the market.

Starting in 2014 with just 4 staff, PLM Global now find themselves as an employer of 22. Their services have grown just as impressively, from an initial focus on legacy to their current ability to provide a complete solution including provision of the very latest products and the application of valuable expertise across legacy and new technology.

Cash-flow challenges of the early years are thankfully a distant memory for Directors Sean Smiles, Paul Spensley and Shane Watson. Securing many long-term relationships with the likes of Celestra, Honda Logistics and Toshiba Global Commerce, their ability to create and maintain partnerships which stand the test of time is impressive – and is a key factor in their success story. They appreciate that they owe a great deal to those who supported them at the start, trusting that they would be the excellent credit-scored customer that they are today.

Paying close attention to how they treat clients and suppliers has given the business a solid foundation. Yes, there may have been a small element of luck in terms of the timing that bought the Directors together, but their success is more about understanding the importance of building a good reputation quickly.

PLM Global have been made even stronger by the dedicated staff members who provide a consistently high-quality service. Staff at every level of the business will be given the support and training commitment to ensure that they are ready for every new challenge ahead, but in the meantime it’s time to celebrate the last 5 years of success.

The next 5 years will see some exciting new areas of focus – including the new Android migration offering, designed to assist existing and new customers to leave the old Windows platforms behind.

Sales Director Shane Watson has said:

“I’d love to see PLM continue to grow its excellent staff numbers and in turn also increase the number of valued client partnerships we have today. It’s also vital to keep improving our knowledge around emerging technology to continue to offer ‘best in class’ service.”

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