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Seven fictions and facts about Electric Vehicles

Seven fictions about Electric Vehicles busted by Lee Slater at lease specialists Motion Vehicles in Hilton, Derbyshire.

With an eye on the future, he and his business partner Marco Fappiano, are massively into low carbon – from the vehicles they offer to their offices.

Seven fictions and facts about Electric Vehicles

1 Fiction: I can’t go very far in one journey

Fact: For the majority of journeys in the UK there’s no issue at all. The average range for modern electric vehicles is around 200 miles, but some models offer far more. If you’re going further, you can stop at a fast charging point, where in 20-30 minutes you’ll be back up and running.

2 Fiction: There aren’t many charging points in Derby

Fact: There are 76 public charging points in Derby, and more being installed. As well as through the garage network, you’ll find them in shopping centres and you often get access to the best parking spaces! Try for a full list.

3 Fiction: There are not many cars to choose from

Fact: Most manufacturers have at least one electric vehicle and more are coming onto the market all the time. They are the fastest growing sector in motor vehicle sales and the manufacturers are all getting on board. We have 75 different lease deals available on our website today, from the BMWi3 to the Tesla Model X.

4 Fiction: Electric vehicles cost more than petrol or diesel cars.

Fact: Electric vehicles are more expensive to buy, but the lower running costs more than make up for it. Also, they have fewer movable parts, which makes them cheaper to service. Another way to make even better savings is through leasing.

5 Fiction: My electric bill will go up

Fact: The cost of charging a car is 2p per mile - so if you’re doing 10,000 miles a year that will add £200 onto your electric bill. If you have solar, this would be even less, and many companies offer free or subsidised charging points so it could be cheaper still. The equivalent fuel cost of 10,000 miles for a 1400cc petrol car would £1,100 and a car with an engine over 2l would be £2,200.

6 Fiction: I can’t charge from my solar panels

Fact: If your car is plugged in, you’ll be charging for free while the sun shines. So if you leave at 8.30am  and come back at 5.30pm, there aren’t many days you won’t pick up some charge for free. If you have home battery storage, you can top up from that.

7 Fiction: Electric vehicles are boring to drive

Fact: Just check out Formula E to see how exciting they can be! The Tesla Model 3 with a range of more than 300 miles, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and really affordable – according to Auto Express – that gives the Model 3 the title of Electric car of 2019. Spend more and you can get even better performance!

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