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John Pye duo aims high for charity with Kilimanjaro climb

John Pye’s business development director Sheldon Miller and his brother, business development executive Lucas Miller, are taking on the summit of the world’s largest free-standing mountain this week, raising money for the Trent Bridge Community Trust and Nottingham Forest Community Trust.

Sheldon (44) and Lucas (25) will be climbing Kilimanjaro with their father who turned 70 this year and suggested the climb.

The mountain trek will be raising money in aid of the Trent Bridge Community Trust’s ‘Forget Me Notts’ Programme, which helps those living with dementia by using sport as a catalyst to share memories - providing a safe environment to stay physically active and follow sporting passions.

Sheldon and Lucas will also be raising funds for the Nottingham Forest Community Trust’s mental health programme, ‘Tricky to Talk’ - an initiative which encourages fans to talk more openly about mental health problems and to allow people to seek support in a more confident way.

These charities were chosen due to the role they play in the hearts of the Miller family. Sheldon, Lucas and their Dad will scale the staggering 19,381 ft. African mountain, with an expected finish on Sunday, 29th September.

Sheldon spoke openly about the chosen charities:

“Both trusts do some really fantastic work in the region. ‘Tricky to Talk’ is a brilliant initiative that helps those living with mental health conditions to get the support they need, while Forget me Notts also helps improve the lives of those living with dementia by providing crucial support.

“Having grandparents who suffered with dementia myself, I know first-hand how horrible it is to watch someone you love deal with this - it is one of the main reasons why Lucas and I want to complete this climb, and hopefully help raise significant funds to further its great initiatives and help those suffering with dementia.

“My grandfather was always at Trent Bridge as he loved cricket, and it was this passion that ignited my own love of the sport and spurred us on to choose the Trent Bridge Community Trust as one of the charities for this venture.

“This is a real challenge for us all both physically and mentally. We have all been training, personally I have been doing so in the Alps and the Peak District. I think the main aspect that will encourage us to complete this challenge is that we’re doing this for such important causes, and as a family, we will spur each other on with support and a sense of humour. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, and we look forward to reaching the summit.”

To donate in support of the Miller family, the Trent Bridge Community Trust and the Nottingham Forest Community Trust please go to -

Every donation will help towards their target of £5,000.

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