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Kinchbus contactless payments boom

More than 50,000 contactless payments have been made on Kinchbus since the world’s first tap-on tap-off contactless payment was introduced across its services at the end of July.

The quick, convenient and accurate payment method is proving popular across the Kinchbus network. Already more than a quarter of Kinchbus journeys are paid for using contactless cards or smart watches and devices.

Students at Loughborough University and Loughborough College are particularly keen to pay contactless. The most popular contactless routes include sprint and skylink Derby. Kinchbus 2 is also a hotspot for contactless. The busiest contactless time is the morning rush.

When getting on, customers tap-on the new contactless ticket machines and tap-off as they leave at their stop. The new machines do the calculations and the customer’s debit or credit card is always charged the right fare.

Kinchbus general manager Sue Blount said:

“After trying out the system on skylink Derby we knew contactless would be popular with many customers.

“But its rapid adoption beat our expectations and we expect more and more customers will switch to contactless in coming months as they try it and like it.

“Charging according to the stops customers get on and off at is fairer than the flat charge on London buses and some other operators. And customers can travel as much as they like knowing the cost will be capped automatically.”

Amin Shayan, chief executive officer at the ticketing service provider LittlePay, said:

“It's been a pleasure to work with Kinchbus to deliver contactless across its entire fleet. With our partner Ticketer, we've been able to deploy our simple tap-on, tap-off system, with fare capping. This brings state-of-the-art payments technology to Kinchbus services.

“We're thrilled that passengers have enjoyed using this system, which cuts time wasted queuing for tickets and enables them to travel using their bank card, smartphone or wearable device. With 50,000 contactless transactions already processed, there's clearly an appetite for faster, frictionless travel.”

Visa, Mastercard and Maestro credit and debit cards with the contactless logo can be used, including most contactless cards issued overseas, but not Amex. Smart devices using Apple Pay or Android Pay can also be used.

Customers with Kinchkards still loaded with pre-paid trips can continue to use them until they have run out. Those customers can then travel contactless or get a new Kinchkard – which they can top-up using contactless up to the £30 contactless payment limit. Cash is still accepted and contactless can also be used on request when boarding to pay for single or return journeys.

Customers can check their fares and journey history with their contactless card at:

There is more information at:

Picture: Kinchbus customer Sophia Zielinski-Keall (front) with her mum Dawn Keall

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