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EV Camel is Charging the Way at Bomber Command Centre

Visitors to the International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC) in Lincoln can now charge their electric vehicles while they’re finding out about the role the county played in World War II.

This is the second public-facing electric vehicle fast charging location in which EV Camel has invested in the county – the first being at Rand Farm Park last year.

Visitors to the IBCC and Rand Farm can charge their vehicles using the two 22kW super-fast charging sockets that have been installed, which are among the fastest public charge points available in Lincolnshire.

Nicky van der Drift, Chief Executive of the IBCC, said:

“The environment has always been hugely important to us. For example, the installation of green energy solutions such as solar and air source heating has reduced the centre’s impact on the climate.

“These electric vehicle charging points help to strengthen our commitment to preserving and protecting the environment and we look forward to developing this element of our contribution in the future.”

EV Camel’s Managing Director Richard Jones said:

“I’m so pleased to be supporting Nicky and the team at IBCC with their sustainability efforts. 

“As has been proven so far at Rand Farm Park, our charging facilities are not only used by planned visitors to places such as the IBCC but also by those who are travelling through Lincolnshire meaning venues can benefit from additional business and leisure tourists.

“This comes at a time when people are taking climate change much more seriously and the City of Lincoln Council recently became the second local authority in Lincolnshire to declare a climate emergency. It’s vital that we address this issue head on, and this installation goes a little way towards doing so.”

EV Camel plans to install a network of at least 30 charge points at even more visitor attractions and hotels across the county in the coming years.

Richard added:

“Sales of electric vehicles in the UK are continuing to rise; according to a recent survey, 10 per cent of consumers surveyed said they expect to buy one as their next purchase – twice as many as when the same research was last conducted in August 2018.

“I want to help more businesses realise the potential this presents – not only from a commercial standpoint but a tourism one as well.

“By providing electric vehicle charging points in rural areas such as Lincolnshire, we will arm drivers with the confidence and willingness to visit and return.

“As usage of and demand for charging points increases, networks such as ours will hopefully give other businesses the confidence to invest in the facilities that drivers of electric vehicles require.”

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