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Lincolnshire business shortlisted for two national education awards

Lincolnshire company Provision Tracker has been shortlisted by The Teach Company for two national awards.

The Lincoln-based tech company, which aims to revolutionise teaching and provision mapping in the UK, has been shortlisted for the ‘SEND Resource Award’ for their primary schools work and the ‘SEND Award’ for their work in secondary schools.

The Teach Company Awards is an annual event which celebrates new ideas, techniques and technology designed to make teachers lives easier and improve student progression and results - making the education system more efficient and effective for everybody. 

Launched in 2018, Provision Tracker currently works with over 100 schools nationwide, providing groundbreaking contributions to the progression of children’s educational development. 

It offers an easy, fast and accurate way for schools to plan resources and track the progress of pupils and is particularly useful for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Provision Tracker helps save teachers’ time and helps pupils get the right amount of support to reach their maximum educational potential.

Niki Wood, Partnerships Manager at Provision Tracker said:

“We’re delighted to be shortlisted for the Teach awards this year, we work hard to help teachers as we understand the pressure they’re under to deliver results. If we can help make their lives a little easier, we’re doing our jobs properly.

“Provision and progress mapping can be a difficult and time consuming task for teachers - our technology is designed to make the process more straightforward. Schools that switch to Provision Tracker see a 62 per cent increase in confidence in mapping their provision.”

“At Provision Tracker, we’re passionate about supporting schools to give young people the academic and pastoral support they need. We empower schools with data-driven software that helps them evaluate and target provision and secure the funding they need.”

Progress for children with conditions such as autism can be hard to track and grading isn’t always an appropriate way to measure progress. Provision Tracker can help SENCOs and teachers measure and evidence progress in a child’s social and educational interactions and communications, both of which can be important signs of progress.

Niki Wood said:

“It doesn’t get in the way of lesson planning or templating. It focuses mainly on following up and proving work and progress. It allows schools to give evidence of the work that is being done in ways that grading can’t always reveal. It shows more personal progression and qualitative details.”

The winners of The Teach Company Awards will be announced on 4 October 2019.

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