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A website that does the heavy lifting

A website that does the heavy lifting

Using creativity, technology and innovation to keep our clients at the forefront of what we do is a core part of the service we offer at Quiet Storm.

Regardless of the sector, size or type of business, our strength lies in quickly being able to diagnose an effective solution to whatever problem our clients are facing.

The world of media and publishing is evolving fast, as readers of traditional print publications dwindle and drift toward rolling 24-hour access that online news provides.

This was the challenge being faced by Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International, the leading media outlet for the over-dimensional and heavy-cargo logistics sector.

Written by an international team of award-winning journalists, the magazine and online news platform deliver essential information about the movement of heavy freight.

First published in 2007, the magazine has a distribution of over 19,500, while its website attracts 70,000 visitors monthly.

Recognising the growing importance of the online platform to complement its original print format, DVV Media, which owns the brand, tasked Quiet Storm with redeveloping its website to increase its advertising real estate and maximise its commercial revenue opportunities.

Growing a readership in the digital age

As a traditional publisher of a bi-monthly magazine with a strong reputation, Heavy Lift’s website was holding it back from fulfilling its true potential.

As a global leader of industry news for the heavy logistics sector, it needed to provide its readers with access to a news platform which would not only continue to cement its reputation as an industry-leader, but also be commercially-viable enough to generate revenue through advertising and sponsorship.

We were invited to successfully pitch for the tender to redevelop its website.

We delivered a bespoke online platform which is globally accessible, optimised for Google and the other major search engines.

It provides a commercial model which maximises advertising revenue while maintaining editorial integrity and accommodating large volumes of fresh content, uploaded at regular intervals.

Relevant adverts are served up to readers based on their relevance and are embedded throughout the site to give advertisers greater prominence.

We also enhanced the site’s reach on search, which has in turn, increased advertising revenue.

And we delivered a bespoke SEO workshop to Heavy Lift’s team of journalists to help them understand the basics of search, so they could apply the principles to the content they were writing, to enhance the site’s overall SEO value.

Heavy Lift co-founder Ian Matheson said:

“We have been very impressed with Quiet Storm both in terms of how they work, what they have produced and their subsequent customer service.

“We’re delighted with the new website, which has totally transformed our commercial offer to our advertisers, sponsors and strategic partners.

“It has enhanced our search reach which, in turn, increased our ad revenue because of our increased presence within the search engines.

“Quiet Storm also did a fantastic job in equipping all our journalists with the SEO skills they need to continue to drive the platform forward and ensure our search value continues to improve.”

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