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A world of opportunity for exporters

One of the region’s foremost experts on exporting and international trade says the global marketplace still holds plenty of opportunities for businesses across the East Midlands.

Rachel Morley, a Department of International Trade Export Champion for the region, and general manager of freight forwarding and logistics specialist Spatial Global, says the ‘Made in Britain’ brand is still popular around the world. She writes…

Everybody sighs when they hear the ‘B word’ - frustrations with the lack of direction and decisions are obvious in all areas of trade and commerce. However, if there is one positive that can be taken from this protracted series of events, it is the increased profile, discussion and awareness of International Trade and supply chains. 

The International Trade and Logistics industry has never been so topical, with the media full of information, statistics and advice on borders, tariffs and commodity classification; albeit a little knowledge from soundbites and headlines can be dangerous.

As a nation, we are already competent importers and exporters with Felixstowe, London Gateway and Southampton handling over eight million containers between them per year. Closer to home, the East Midlands is the UK’s largest pure cargo airport, historically dominated by the small parcel integrators.

More recently, with the development of the East Midlands Gateway, we are seeing some of the ecommerce giants taking over the landscape and getting on board with the geographic opportunities that our region has to offer.

Whatever the final outcome is for Brexit, and however the borders end up shaping themselves, the supply chain experts from the freight industry can be nimble, creative and ready to support both importers and exporters to take advantage of any new opportunities that are presented through:

  • Dealing with changes to regulation, procedures and declaration requirements
  • Supporting any IT changes through the implementation of CDS and any upgrades to CHIEF
  • Taking advantage of the opportunities for supply chain efficiencies via Customs Special Procedures

Made in Britain continues to have huge global appeal.

From the perceived quality standards of British Manufacturing, through our Royal Warrants and Queens Awards for International Trade and Enterprise, the Union Jack denotes a feeling of nostalgia, quality craftsmanship and excellence. 

As the fifth-largest economy in the world, we are of course ourselves a large market for a wide range of products and commodities.

This global appeal makes the world a wealth of opportunity for exporters and importers who are prepared to consider the exciting overseas markets and keen to share in the products and services that makes Britain great.

The above is an excerpt from a recent article written by Rachel that was published in the June edition of East Midlands Chamber’s Business Network magazine.

Read the full article here.

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