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Team Building Days - invest in your staff and your local community… at the same time!

In an increasingly competitive market, it’s just as difficult to retain dedicated and hardworking staff as it is to generate or retain client engagement.

This is why it is extremely important for businesses to be “Investors in people”. In addition to a decent pay package, perks and regular rewards, employees look for jobs within organisations that invest time and resource in getting to know their staff in informal and fun environments. As we approach the summer holidays, businesses small and large, will be looking to treat their staff to a “Team building day” or an “Away day”.

But as a member of staff, what is close to your heart? What would you like to spend your precious time doing? How about volunteering and helping out at a local charity, whilst building connections with your team-mates and getting to know each other better in a fun and rewarding way?

It ticks the box of fulfilling your social responsibility; by volunteering for a local cause, as well as investing meaningful time and resource in your staff.

This is exactly what we have to offer you, here at The Way of the Horse…

Over the summer, we are inviting local businesses to come and volunteer with their staff team on our beautiful 11 acre site in Lutterworth. Come and help us care for our rescue horses, learn about our mental health support work and give your colleagues the feel-good factor from volunteering and making a real difference to a locally based organisation. We will also provide you with a lovely afternoon tea, provided by a local café, Karter’s.

The Way of the Horse Discovery Centre is a not-for-profit business, set up by Dina Shale 4 years ago. Over these past 4 years, Dina has supported 12 local schools, 500 individuals with mental health issues, as well as creating volunteering roles for several people in the community. The benefits of being in the open, close to nature and more importantly, working with animals, helps individuals with mental health concerns to re-discover themselves; learning new ways to self-manage their condition. Our clients advocate our work because of the amazing results we can provide, without having to wait to be assessed, without delving into the “why” and without asking any off-putting questions.

So why not get in touch with us to book your staff in for a fantastic experience around our farm, come and meet our beautiful rescue ponies and learn about our programmes. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our wonderful Centre.

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