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Nottingham solicitor achieves Resolution Specialist Accreditation in family law

Fraser Brown solicitor Julie McCrery has received a renowned Resolution Specialist Accreditation in family law, choosing ‘Complex Financial Remedies’ and ‘Pensions’ as her specialisms.

Julie, who has been employed at Fraser Brown’s Nottingham office since 2016, is a trained collaborative lawyer and associate solicitor specialising in family and matrimonial cases.

She started the Resolution accreditation process back in May 2018, to help further her expertise in the resolution of financial issues in the breakdown of relationships.

As well as child-related cases, nuptial agreements and divorce proceedings, Julie deals with many high net worth clients and wanted her qualifications and specialisms to reflect this.

As part of this, Julie undertook a core competency module followed by specialist modules designed to prove knowledge and experience in the chosen specialist subjects.

This involved submitting case studies completed within the previous 12 months, sample client advice letters and the completion of a case study set by Resolution in each specialism which required analysis and replies to a series of questions put forward on a scenario basis.

In light of the new ‘no-fault divorce’ legislation which was introduced to allow families a faster, lower impact divorce, the new divorce process will further reinforce the Resolution ethos of working to reduce the consequences of family breakdown.

Resolution accredited specialists adhere to a code of practice, encouraging sensitive cost-effective solutions that consider the needs of the whole family and the best interests of the children in any divorce situation.

Julie joins two Fraser Brown lawyers who currently hold the accreditation, which is held by less than 20 lawyers in Nottingham. Cristina Court and Katie Beal, associate solicitors at Fraser Brown, are also Resolution Accredited Specialists, both specialising in domestic abuse.

On receiving her accreditation, Julie said:

“The accreditation I recently achieved through Resolution encourages a positive non-confrontational way to resolve disputes between parties, which is a standard I believe everyone in family law should be working to achieve.

“The previous divorce system of attributing “blame” or proving fault is not conducive to families moving forward in a positive manner. This accreditation will enforce the Resolution ethos within cases as it encourages a no-fault based divorce. Under the new laws, clients will increasingly look to experienced, specialist lawyers to resolve any issues in dispute, and to lawyers who are willing to engage in and fully promote alternative forms of dispute resolution – including collaborative law, and mediation, something myself and the rest of the family law team is committed to.

“I look forward to practicing under this new accreditation and proceeding with upcoming cases under the new divorce legislation.”

John Tansur, commercial director at Fraser Brown said:

“We believe that specialist training is vital to the professional development of our team, and it is a pleasure to hear that Julie is now officially accredited as a Resolution specialist.

“Law is a constantly changing industry and it is so important that we have bodies in place to provide specialist training as the sector evolves. With the new divorce law reforms, now is a crucial time for progression in family law and it’s vital we have experienced and flexible lawyers on our team like Julie who work with a fair and constructive approach. We’re very proud to have her on the team.”

Founded in 1982 as The Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA), Resolution is made up of 6,500 members in England and Wales with specialisms in areas of law such as divorce finance, domestic abuse and international cases.


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