Inspiring Business by Sharing Success

Andrew Lowe, from Marketing Derby, was incredibly proud to complete the largest ever London Marathon on Sunday 28th April with 42,500 runners taking part, raising money for the Derbyshire Children's Holiday Centre.

Andrew said: "The support all along the way was incredible, sometime three or four rows deep, and highlights on the route which took my breath away included running across Tower Bridge, through the tall towers of Canary Wharf, along the embankment and past the London Eye before passing the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and the famous finish.

As I had my name in large letters on the front of my shirt, along with the charity logo, I had lots of support from the crowd with many people shouting out my name.  This was a little distracting at first, as I thought it might be people that knew me (!), but was really helpful in encouraging me to continue towards the end of the race at 22-miles, when I suffered with severe cramp in BOTH legs."


Despite his struggles with cramp and being unable to run hardly at all for the final four miles, Andrew managed to complete the course in 4hrs 10mins.


Andrew added: "It was an amazing experience and, as I might not get the opportunity again, I was determined to enjoy it as much as possible. My finishing time is really not important to me and the total is still rising on my Just Giving page, but currently exceeds £3,000 for charity." 


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