Ramsey’s has perfect recipe for rise in flexible working

More and more people are choosing to ditch the office to work from home - and one kitchen supplier is rising to the challenge of providing the perfect environment for workers.

Ramsey’s, in Long Eaton, is seeing an increase in customers wanting to convert their kitchen into a space for home-working.

This has resulted in a new age of design for Ramsey’s, where clients are asking for more items and gadgets, related to working in the place known as the ‘heart of the home’.

It comes as figures show the East Midlands has made the most progress in flexible working in the past year.

According to recruitment firm Michael Page, of all the regions in the UK, the East Midlands has made the most progress in recent years, with 28% of respondents saying that their ability to work flexibly, including from home, has improved in some way in the last 12 months.

A 2017 YouGov survey of British businesses and employees found 89 per cent considered flexible working to be a key motivator to their productivity.

The UK government, meanwhile, launched a flexible-working task force last year.

Ramsey Dawson, managing director of Ramsey’s, said:

“The majority of kitchens that I sell have an island, if the space allows for one.

“I’m getting asked more and more for charging points in the islands, to accommodate laptops and other devices.

“These are now part and parcel of the modern kitchen.

“The modern kitchen performs a function that’s not just centred around dining, whether it’s kids doing their homework or people doing their day to day work, and people are looking for added design touches to make this possible.

“It makes sense that people are choosing to work from home these days, helping to redress the work-life balance.”

Ramsey hit headlines last year, saying a kitchen revolution could be here sooner than we think, with people investing in smart technology to control everything in their kitchen, from controlling their coffee maker to their central heating remotely.

So it’s no surprise that, just as people are using technology more to make their lives easier, they are also working remotely to help ease their working life, for instance by cutting out the morning commute.

Ramsey added that charging points can either be on kitchen cupboards or on pop-up docks, such as by the brand Evoline.

Evoline also makes flip sockets, which sit flush with kitchen surfaces, and the cover can be flipped 180 degrees when in use.

Ramsey added that he is doing a “roaring trade” in wireless Qi chargers at the moment.

He also said that he has seen a trend recently, for people in Nottinghamshire especially, to buy an outdoor Cabin as a work space.

A Cabin is similar to a summerhouse, but it’s essentially an extension which is detached from your property. 

Ramsey said:

“It’s a brand where a ‘garden room’ is put at the end of your garden - people are working in these.

“Three friends of mine have started using these to work from home.”

For more information, visit www.ramseysonline.co.uk

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