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Nottingham pair launch new app to improve health and happiness of women

Two Nottingham women have launched a fitness and wellbeing app to support women and challenge the diet and fitness industry, that they say ‘lets women down’.

Mel Berry and Holly Woodford have been working on the Her Spirit brand for the past year, building a ‘healthier living club for every woman’, which aims to educate, guide and inspire its users on health, fitness, nutrition and emotional wellbeing.

Sports marketing expert, Mel, said:

“We feel the diet and fitness industry has some real flaws, and it can really let women down; forcing them down a road, not to be happy or healthy, but to lose weight, run further, build bigger muscles – without really considering self-care. We were determined to create Her Spirit and offer a credible alternative.”

The app and website has been live for a few weeks as the 100 founding members of Her Spirit learned more about the resources, built the community and gave their own feedback to help improve the offer.

Mel continued:

“I can’t believe our launch week is finally here, it’s been a real journey to get us to this point! We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and now happy and confident that our product is good and it’s only going to get better.

“We’ve relied on the help and support of some fantastic women to get us to this stage, all bringing their knowledge and expertise to the fore, not to mention our founding members who have tried and tested the app and our online community.

“We feel we have something special, combining our three core pillars of mind, body and fuel and building an online community that supports each and every one of our members.”

‎The app includes articles on physical and mental health, resources to help reflect and plan your healthier and happier future, recipes, top tips on being healthy and keeping fit. It also includes fitness videos to follow, podcasts and stories from like-minded women, not to mention discounts and offers on local events such as Nottingham’s Sunrise 5k. New members are also offered one-to-one coaching sessions and the chance to get involved in a range of events organised by the Her Spirit team. We are also taking a group of women through the training for the Nottingham Triathlon , as well as hosting a walking trip to the Peak District.

Her Spirit is intended for all women; so much so that Mel and Holly will be ensuring that for every member that signs up, a subscription will be donated to a woman who might not otherwise be able to access the service. Their ‘one-for-one’ scheme has seen them join forces with the Women’s Centre in Nottingham, Evolve and Ridewise, all charitable organisations supporting women across the city.

Product developer, Holly, said:

“We know that not everyone will have access to a platform like ours, but we felt these women may often be the people who could benefit the most from the support, guidance and resources we have available. The charities we have chosen to work with will make sure the memberships are given to women who will truly benefit.”

The app will be rolled out in Nottinghamshire first, as the pair build and evolve the platform, but the intention is to roll the app out across the UK, city by city.

Holly added:

“I think it’s fair to say that world domination is our ultimate target. For us, the bigger this gets, the more women we know we’re helping. I can’t think of a better motivation to keep us going as we drive forward the Her Spirit model.”

For more information, please visit the website: or download the App on iPhone or Android.

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