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Alex steps down and Charlie steps-up!

Counselling Hub co-founder Alex Parkin has relinquished her Directorship of a Lincoln Community Interest Company – but it’s for a very good reason and with the blessing of her colleagues!

Alex who started the phenomenally successful NWCH (Naomi Watkins Counselling Hub) alongside Naomi Watkins two years ago is delighted to see it going from strength to strength, but she has decided not to return after taking maternity leave – and giving birth to Jaxson eight months ago.

“It was with a sad and heavy heart that I decided to step down as a director from NWCH.  It was a very tough decision for me to make but, ultimately, I need to take some time to be with my family (Alex also has another son), spend the time with my children and enjoy them growing up.

“I’m not disappearing forever. I will still attend events, such as this weekend’s Birthday Bash.  I will attend and help out at future events and always be supporting the hub as its co-founder.”

Alex was keen to thank everyone and encourage former colleagues to keep-up the good work.

“They are an absolutely amazing bunch of people and I want to welcome those who I have not had the chance to work with to the team. They’ve joined an amazing place.

“My message to my former colleagues is, look after each other, do the washing -up, finish your sessions on time and, most importantly, keep doing what you are all doing because it’s all of you that make a difference to a lot of people’s lives.”

Naomi, who is Chief Executive of the phenomenally-busy counselling hub said:

“We will all miss Alex.  She will always be a co-founder of NWCH and we are keen for her to stay in touch.

“We are a very family-orientated business.  NWCH is well-known for working with individuals, couples and families across the board and that includes children and young people from the age of four-upwards.

“So, we are right behind her decision to take time out and make the most of her children’s early years, but we also look forward to her staying in touch.”

Charlie Blackwell, who is a counsellor and NWCH Business Development Manager has now become Acting Director at the Hub.

“We are delighted with how the Hub has expanded to receive more than 800 referrals in the space of two years.  I have always enjoyed welcoming visitors to the Hub, but I am eager to work with NWCH’s Directors to achieve further growth,” said Charlie.

Charlie has already started on that process by getting out and about meeting social enterprises in particular, to spread the word about what we can do and ask how NWCH can work with them.

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