The New Generation of Business Leaders: Self-Made Entrepreneurs Born This Millennium

Thinking of starting a business? Feel like you need more experience? Meet 13 children who will leave you inspired with their business stories.

Across Britain, America, and Australia, young CEOs are signing deals for their products worth up to $11 MILLION.

Their innovative companies include a trainer reselling website, a braille printer for the visually impaired and a childcare agency.

Children are naturally creative, but these entrepreneurs capitalised on their ideas by creating huge businesses from scratch. has compiled profiles for 13 of the most successful entrepreneurs born in the 2000s. Their companies often started while they were still living with their parents and in full-time education. This study reveals their successes.

13 Innovative Entrepreneurs:

Noa Mintz - Founded Nannies by Noa after discovering a gap in the market for an easy way to locate the best nannies available in New York. She used her first-hand experience to launch the agency at just 12 years old. This company provides services including thorough background screening, workshops for their nannies and ongoing support for their users. Noa now has a net worth of $375,000.

Mikaila Ulmer - When Mikaila was four years old, she entered a children’s business competition. Fascinated by bees, she decided to sweeten her Great Granny’s flaxseed lemonade recipe with honey. She began to sell her Me & The Bees Lemonade at youth entrepreneurial events and it was an instant success. At the age of 11, she went on to make an $11,000,000 deal with Whole Foods. She donates a percentage of her profits to Texas Beekeepers Associations, hence her slogan ‘Buy a Bottle… Save a Bee’.

Moziah Bridges - At just 16 years old, he is the President and Creative Director of Mo’s Bows. His inspiration grew from a need for an accessory that made him look smart, and an inability to find one that suited his style. With his granny’s guidance, he made a small selection of bow ties on her kitchen table. Mo’s Bows is now an internationally recognised brand and he recently signed a seven-figure deal to make bow ties for the NBA.

Shubham Banerjee - Created Braigo when he was just 12 years old, this company creates Braille printers to help the visually impaired access expensive technology. His invention uses LEGO and robotics to design a product and sell it at less than half the price of others on the market. Banerjee is the youngest entrepreneur to receive Venture Capital funding.

Bella Tipping - After being disappointed by the selection of dining, accommodation and entertainment options for children on holiday, Bella launched Kidzcationz. This is a travel website that allows children to rate their holidays based on their child-friendly. Kidzcations has since received $80,000 in investments.

Cory Nieves - Founded Mr. Cory’s Cookies when Cory was six-years-old. He began to sell hot chocolate on the streets of New Jersey to help his mother buy a new car. Now aged 14, Cory is the CEO of Mr. Cory's Cookies. His delicious all-natural cookies have landed him collaborations with huge department stores including Bloomingdales, Macy's, Viacom and Whole Foods. Marcus Lemonis invested $100,000 into the company when Cory featured on The Profit in 2017.

Rose Dyson - Started to make cruelty-free, vegan-friendly lip balms by hand while studying for her GCSEs at the age of 15. She started her brand with just £25 and has now sold over $6,326 worth of her products which are now stocked in shops and department stores across the UK.

Jenk Oz - Earned the title as the youngest CEO in Britain by developing a website called iCoolKid at just 8 years old. This hosts articles aimed at children based around art, tech, science and celebrities in the hope of inspiring children to pursue their hobbies. His revenue is worth $63,265.

Brennan Agranoff - Began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of seven and created his enterprise HoopSwagg in 2013. This customisable sports apparel company started with unique Nike socks aimed at basketball players but now hosts other items including branded hoodies and t-shirts. Brennan's company is now worth over $1,000,000.

Benjamin Kapelushnik - Launched Sneaker Don at only 16 years old. This is an online service that locates rare trainers and resells them on their website. As his business grew, he began to gain celebrity clients including DJ Khaled and Odell Beckham alongside an ever-growing customer list. As he made more contacts, he was able to bulk buy sought-after items. Now nicknamed “Kicks”, his sales are now worth over $1 million.

Rachel Zietz - As a keen Lacrosse player, Rachel was frustrated by the lack of selection and affordability of equipment and sportswear. In response, when she was 13 she set up her own goods website Gladiator Lacrosse. This is set to make over $2,000,000. Zietz has successfully increased variety and lowered the cost of these products for other sportspeople.

Isabella Dymalovski - Started to sell her natural skincare range at the age of eight. Five years later, she featured on Shark Tank and received $65,000 in investments. Now 16, she has expanded her range from New Zealand to Australia and the US.

Henry Patterson - Wrote an adventure book titled The Adventures of Sherb and Pip at the age of ten, which followed the adventures of illustrated animals. Within a year this sold thousands of copies and Henry turned this venture into a lifestyle brand called Not Before Tea. This sells handbags, house decor, and cards featuring the cartoon characters and now has a revenue of $82,244

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