Earthing Services introduces new EV charging earthing solution

Electrical earthing specialist Earthing Services has developed the fastest and safest method of earthing EV Charge Points for use in a variety of commercial and domestic environments.

The easy-to-install ConduDisc™ is a highly conductive earthing product that is safer and faster to install, requiring no specialist tools or training.

Particularly useful for commercial EV charging point installations and most domestic EV charging applications, ConduDisc™ is as easy to install as dropping a stone in a hole. Unlike traditional metallic earthing components, it won’t deteriorate or require regular maintenance – it’s a fit and forget solution.

Originally developed by Earthing Services’ Canadian partner, SAE Inc., the ConduDisc™ is already proving hugely popular with large utilities in North America for power transmission pole earthing.

The solution is a further example of Earthing Services’ commitment to avoid the hazards associated with using earth rods.

Sean Elliott-Maher, partner at Earthing Services LLP, said:

“Although earth rods have long been considered the default option when determining electrical earthing measures, they have inherent risks such as the possibility of unforeseen utility strikes, the inability to install to full depth due to underground elements like buried concrete or rock, and that over time they will deteriorate and potentially leave a site without a sufficient safety system.

 “The small modification to tailor the product to the EV charging point market has already created significant interest with companies eager to embrace the technology.

“While ConduDisc™ is being targeted at the EV charging point market, its attributes can be used in many other examples of site or equipment earthing systems.”

Earthing Services LLP offers specialist earthing system design, testing and consultancy services to the construction and facilities management industries.

Based in Nottingham, the company proudly serves customers all over the world.

ConduDisc™ will be commercially available to buy in the UK from 8 April 2019.

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