Northants gift retailer aims for zero waste

Northants gift retailer aims for zero waste

A leading online gift retailer is aiming for zero waste and all outgoing packaging recyclable within the next 12 months.

Wellingborough based Personalised Gifts Shop currently recycles 90% of all its incoming packaging and is setting itself tough targets for the next year.

By 2020, the company plans to have all its outgoing packaging to customers 100% recyclable as well as improving the amount of incoming packaging recycled.

The retailer delivers 1.000s of personalised gifts every year. In the run up to Christmas, over 125,000 parcels were sent out to customers with a further 30,000 items shipped for Valentine’s Day.

In an average week, the retailer can expect to send around 15,000 personalised gifts, with that peaking almost 300% to 400% during busy periods like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and during wedding season.

Currently 90% of all incoming packaging is recycled and if an incoming box is sturdy and reusable, then it is reused for outgoing deliveries.

The company has recently invested £7,000 in a commercial shredder, which shreds all incoming packaging and boxes which cannot be reused.

The shredded material is used within packages sent out to customers to protect the gift item.

In addition, all incoming plastic cushions, bubble wraps and paper wraps are reused within outgoing parcels as protection.

National figures from 2017 indicate that 3,754 tonnes of paper and cardboard were recovered or recycled from UK businesses, giving a 79% achieved rate. That compares well to the 60% set by the EU. founder Jane Gokgoz said:

“Sustainability is a massive buzz word for businesses and in industries like ours where we’re receiving and delivering millions of packages every year, it’s become central to what we do.

“Recycling as much material as we can is vital as part of our ongoing environmental commitment. Currently we recycle 90% of all incoming packages which is a fantastic figure, but there is room for improvement and that’s something the team will be working hard on.

“By 2021we’re aiming for 100% recycled outgoing packaging and I’m confident the team will achieve the goal.”

Jane continued:

“As a business we’re very committed to working towards a zero-waste policy and using 100% recyclable materials.

“This has always been a concern for us due to the volume of packages we receive daily and send out.

“As we continue to grow, our commitment to the environment and sustainability will grow with us and we’ll invest the time and capital in the appropriate systems, materials and machinery to make this happen.”



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