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Scaffolding for 856 year old building

The Bishops Palace in Lincoln was originally built in 1163, last ‘modernised’ in the 1430s, sacked and burnt during the English Civil War, and abandoned in the mid-18th Century. 

It is now a popular tourist site in the city and with public safety in mind English Heritage are completing a detailed inspection of the stonework throughout the site. 

Obviously safe access to the walls is key during such a project and Rilmac Scaffolding are proud to have been bought on board to provide the solutions.  Some of the areas requiring inspection are not only hard to reach but also access to ground where scaffolding can safely be erected is challenging.

In order to meet this challenge an early part of the project saw Rilmac build temporary scaffolding to gain access to areas of stable ground, where the final scaffolding could be built for the inspection.  In addition to this, and due to the nature of the building, scaffolding can not be directly affixed to the stonework, so large and complex buttresses needed to be built to support the structure.

“So often we are involved in scaffolding new buildings and complex modern structures it is refreshing to be working on something with a long history.” said Des Booth, Managing Director of Rilmac Scaffolding. “We are proud to be on site at the Bishops Palace and honoured that English Heritage have trusted us with this important project.”

Rilmac will be on hand to provide access support throughout the whole inspection process.

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