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Students get a taste of military life

A group of students from Lincoln and Newark Colleges have been given a taste of what life is like in the Army Reserve.

The students who are all studying Public Services took part in a visit to 160 (Lincoln) Transport Squadron, 158 Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps who are based at Sobraon Barracks in Lincoln.

Whilst at the barracks, the students were shown the equipment used by the military including the vehicles and weapons; taught how to communicate on radios and given an introduction to Army catering by reservist chefs.

Warrant Officer Class One Nigel O’Leary who helped organise the day, explained:

“These teenagers are all interested in Public Service careers and giving back to their local community, we hope we’ve given them an insight into what life is like in the Armed Forces.

“We’ve had students from this course visit us before and it has inspired some of them to join either the regular or reserve forces and if today has helped someone make their mind up and decide upon a career path then it has been incredibly successful.”

The experience was really hands on with an opportunity for the students to try things for themselves.

Stephanie Evans, a lecturer at Newark College, said:

“I would like to thank WO1 Nigel O’Leary for having us there for the day, it was a well prepared day that all the students really enjoyed. Letting the students experience what the Army has to offer, gave great insight into their future career options.

“They enjoyed the hands on experience allowing them to really get a feel for what Army life could be like. I know some students have requested to join and a few are in the application process. The Army staff really helped inspire our students to think about the different roles the Army have to offer either as a regular or reserve. They were fantastic, developing a good rapport with each student.”

Members of 160 (Lincoln) Transport Squadron were on hand to answer any questions the students had and shared their first-hand experiences of serving in the military.

Will White a student from Newark College explained:

"It has given us an insight into what the Army does to help our country and all the different roles people play whilst being in the Army. I enjoyed each station and really enjoyed taking part in the different activities. I wanted to join the Army anyway but it made me want to join even more now."

Chantelle Haywood, a student at Newark College, said:

"The visit was a lot of fun and we have learnt a lot of different skills needed in the Army, we were given the opportunity to ask a lot of questions and each station allowed us to hear what the Army is really like and dispel the myths. I think I can speak for the whole of my class that it was a really insightful day."

160 (Lincoln) Transport Squadron are currently recruiting. For more information about joining call 01522 529082 or email [email protected]

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