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Making a difference: Prioritising Workplace Wellbeing

The team at Barrie Stephen Hair started their day with a difference this week. They were paid a visit by personal trainer Tom Mangan, who came to talk to them about workplace wellbeing.

For hair stylists, maintaining good posture at work can be a particular problem. Neglecting posture can lead to long term complaints of the back, neck and shoulders. Tom went through the theory of posture and then the team got stuck in, learning a range of stretches to help loosen them up and to develop a more conscious approach to their posture at work.

  After this, the team participated in a guided mindfulness exercise, thinking about the working day ahead, their hopes and ambitions and the way they could achieve their immediate goals. The whole session was no more than half an hour, but produced many giggles as well as some fantastic sharing of tips and advice between the team.

The session was part of Barrie Stephen's Making A Difference programme – a long term plan where the business has set out to make a positive difference to the lives of their clients, their employees and their community.

"The importance of workplace wellbeing cannot be overstated” said Barrie Stephen. “In our industry it is all too easy to work through your breaks, to develop bad posture and to put your health second. We are encouraging our team to be more conscious of their own wellbeing at work – and taking a short time out for a fun session like this is great for our mental health too!”

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