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UK first as contactless travel lands on skylink Derby

skylink Derby customers are the first bus passengers in the country to get truly tap-on tap-off contactless travel with their debit and credit card.

A UK first, the Kinchbus innovation trumps London buses and others that have tap-on contactless payments which charge a flat fare regardless of how few stops a customer stays on for.

Other bus companies have rolled out contactless payments, but it still requires the customer to state their destination, then the driver has to process the ticket and contactless payment.

The foray into contactless will be a step ahead of the rest, and will provide a quick, easy and secure way for the customer to use their debit or credit card to travel contactless.

The customer will simply tap their debit or credit card on to the ticket machine when they get on skylink Derby and tap off before they leave. All of the customers’ contactless journeys will be processed overnight, and the best fare for those journeys will be charged to the customer’s card.

Customers who travel contactless will also benefit from day and 28-day caps which will limit their travel costs.

Contactless landed on skylink Derby’s 11 buses on Sunday, but customers can still choose to pay for their journeys with cash or contactless payments, and they’ll have the option to purchase ten-trip or 28-day Kinchkards using both payment methods.

Contactless is operating first on skylink Derby after which Kinchbus will listen to what its customers think before embarking on a full roll-out.

Using the GPS tracking on board each bus, the system was developed by UK-based technology firm Ticketer with the help of Kinchbus.

Kinchbus managing director Jeff Counsell said:

“We’ve been pioneering advances in bus transport for decades, so it is with great pride and a lot of excitement that we are again bringing our customers the future first.

“It’s important to stress that we are not taking away other methods of payment. We are adding to the choices available to our customers. They can still travel in their usual ways, but now with the option to travel contactless.

“With more people increasingly comfortable paying contactless in their day to day spending, at the shops, the pub, the petrol station and café, we hope tapping on and off as they get on and off the bus will become second nature.”

John Clarfelt, chief executive officer of Ticketer, said:

“We are really excited to be working with Kinchbus to deliver tap-on tap-off contactless travel, a first for the UK market – and another step in their long line of innovation.”

Customers who travel contactless will be able to see their journey history, trip charges and how close they are to their day and 28-day cap through the Kinchbus website.

More information is online at:

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