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Attracting and retaining the best talent is at the heart of every successful organisation. With many disabilities being invisible, at an interview they wouldn’t even come into consideration.

Can the same be said for a person with a visible disability?

It is always best to use the phrase people with a disability rather than disabled people. This is a far more positive way of looking at the subject as it means you are placing the person before a disability. I.E we focus on the individual and what they can offer a business rather than the disability.

With around a fifth of the working age population living with a disability or health condition.,it is vital that businesses explore the benefits of having a more inclusive workforce. With around a fifth of the working age population living with a disability or health condition, -These are the latest Gov stats so I would go with this if possible.

Hiring and empowering individuals with disability to add value to your business may require you to think differently, and may mean you have to step out of your comfort zone but at the same time the potential return is even greater, in the form of a motivated and ambitious employee base with excellent potential waiting to be explored.

It makes business sense

To build a talent pool of people with disabilities, organisations need to actively focus on it as a corporate goal. Those committed to a sustainable approach to diversity recognise people with a disability as an untapped talent source, which is not only the right thing to do, but makes absolute business sense.

It makes financial sense

People like Stephen Hawking and Temple Grandin, though exemplary to the extreme, depict the capabilities of people with disabilities. Add in tax credits, government incentives, loads of other funding avenues and the impact this kind of inclusiveness has on employee engagement, there’s every reason to join disability-friendly companies the likes of Microsoft, Deloitte, Delta Airlines and Neilsen.


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