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Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health problems are common, with Mind Charity finding that approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem each year.

As a result, talking about issues related to mental health has become vitally important in the workplace and communities, and OMS is no different.

Recognising the significance of such a growing problem, we have launched our 2-Day Mental Health First Aid Course (England), specifically designed for those in all walks of life to:

  • To enable trainees to gain a Mental Health First Aid (England) award in Adult - Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
  • Spot the early signs of a possible mental health issue
  • Feel confident in how to offer and provide initial help to a person experiencing a mental health issue
  • Preserve life where a person may be at risk of harm to themselves or others
  • Help to stop mental health from getting worse and to give hope to someone who needs guidance
  • Promote recovery of good mental health
  • Guide someone towards appropriate treatment and other sources of help
  • Understand the stigma that exists around mental health
  • Provide help on a first aid basis

With this qualification, you will have the ability to identify and tackle mental health issues with confidence.

This is particularly crucial in the workplace, which can often be a busy and hectic environment with little time given to discussing any issues with health, particularly with the stigma that once came with opening up about feelings and thoughts.

The Mental Health Foundation suggests that better mental health support can save UK businesses 8 billion pounds a year, further highlighting the need for businesses in particular, to educate themselves.

Despite its significance in the workplace, mental health discussion remains relevant in all walks of life, be it offering guidance to a colleague, advice to a friend, or support to a loved one.

OMS passionately supports discussion of mental health whatever the situation, we think you should too. Become an advocate yourself, and book onto our Mental Health First Aid Course using our website at ‘’, via social media or over the phone on 01530 833533.

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