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What is the correct thing to say?

The Paralympics, Invictus Games, even Strictly - there’s no shortage of positive examples of how people cope with a disability or their life challenges. However, not all disabilities can be seen, The Equality Act  2010 covers 9 specific areas (known as the protected characteristics.) These are:

Disability, Age, Religion or belief, Marriage and Civil Partnership, Pregnancy and Maternity, Sexual Orientation, Gender, Gender reassignment and Race. 


The law says we have to be inclusive but what can and can’t we say?

Companies in the UK are legally required to follow a set of practices to ensure discrimination is eradicated and expectations of equality are met in the workplace.

Offensive or ignorance?

Most people don’t set out to be offensive or non inclusive - they may simply not have the knowledge or understanding. Richard Shakespeare understands this only too well, as his cerebral palsy impairs his movement and effects the way people interact with him. Richard is an inspiration to me as he has always focused on the possible. With his business he delivers education on what to say, how to act and transforms how people interact with their customers and colleagues. Companies like Eurostar, Standard Life, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and East midlands Trains all benefit from the expertise that Richard can offer.


Richard is speaking at Love Business on 27th February 2019 at Holywell Park Conference Centre, Loughborough. 

Workplace Diversity and your legal obligations - how not to get it wrong, however well intended you are. 

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