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Derby business, Irongate Group, writes about staff welfare

Adam Noble, managing director at Irongate Group Ltd, the Derby-based business services and supplies company, talks about welfare at work and how to create a happy team.

What worker welfare really means to your business

Multi-billionaire Richard Branson once said that employees will take care of your business if you take care of them.

Wise words, wouldn’t you say?

But it is true that investing in your workforce helps to create a great place to be.

Staff feel appreciated and engaged. They become more productive and motivated. And when the going gets tough, they’ll happily take on the trickiest of tasks.

Taking care of employees is at the heart of creating a happy working environment.

Why invest in your workforce’s wellbeing?

It’s not just about employee engagement and soaring profits, small things matter too. There are several principals at the heart of creating a great place to work but all too often these ‘soft benefits’ get forgotten.

Recent research on employee engagement and productivity still focused on people’s basic needs like having a good pen, decent loo roll and a clean office.

Today, taking care of employees has never been such a high priority.

Remember… a disconnected workforce that feels unappreciated and can’t engage will not do your business any good.


A clean office is key to a thriving office.

No-one feels motivated if their workspace is cluttered and messy. Bright office furniture, decent desks and comfy chairs are paramount.

It is time managers realised that taking care of staff goes beyond paying them on time and buying a wilting pot plant for the reception desk!

A stellar team deserves the very best, don’t you think?

It’s the little things

Providing your employees with everything they could possibly need to be comfortable and happy at work should be a top priority.

Does your kitchen have a toaster in case staff get in early? Is there always coffee in the cupboard? And is the stationary cupboard fully stocked with notebooks, pens and staplers?

It’s these things that really count and make the office cosier and more appealing – especially for staff who spend at least 35 hours a week there.

You want the workplace to be the type of environment that makes employees feel relaxed, alert and ready to get some work done.

Did you know?

In 2015, sales of luxury toilet roll went through the roof as Britain revealed it was ‘feeling flush’.

Business owners invested in luxury toilet roll rather than cheaper alternatives and sales increased by 12 per cent.

Joking apart, splashing out on ‘treats’ like this can really boost staff morale and make them feel appreciated.

So, if you’ve got a happy, well-stocked and tidy office, you’ve probably got a happy bunch of employees who are willing to work hard.

Irongate Group is based at Kingsway Industrial park, Kingsway Park Close, Derby. Tel: 01332 345950.

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