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NFT become part of the largest privately-owned logistics business in the UK

NFT is the UK's leading provider of time critical distribution, and are the "intelligent link" between food & drink manufacturer and grocery retailer. Their Alfreton head office is centrally located at the heart of the UK motorway network.

EmergeVest has created EV Cargo, the largest privately-owned logistics business in the UK by consolidating ownership of six British logistics firms; Adjuno, Allport Cargo Services, CM Downton, Jigsaw and Palletforce.

Deep logistics heritage

Individually, the six companies are acknowledged experts in their respective fields with deep logistics heritage, strong recognition and market goodwill. Each will retain its own identity and continue to manage supply chains for the world’s leading brands. For our suppliers, there will be no immediate changes to your ordering, shipping, invoicing and supply arrangements. 

A cargo-centric approach focused on customer needs

Operating under the group structure, EV Cargo will adopt a cargo-centric approach, focussing on customer needs across the entire supply chain by bringing together the best people, processes, technology and networks. Championing innovation and sustainability, EV Cargo will maximise opportunities for efficiency and growth across existing and new markets. Continued investment across the network will fuel growth, drive acquisitions and ensure EV Cargo is powered by the best technology. 

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