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Wasim Khan MBE and Sean Wallace help Tonic to ‘Give Back Lives’

Birmingham Botanical Gardens was the venue for the first ‘Tonic Garden Party’ held a few weeks back in celebration of ‘Giving Back Lives’, to bring people together, sharing stories and celebrate life.

Guest speakers, Ex England Cricketer Wasim Khan MBE and ‘The Chase’ Star Sean Wallace, shared their extraordinary stories to stardom and success with the room, enforcing the message that it doesn’t matter where you come from, what your goals are, everything is possible.

When people opt for weight loss surgery they are usually in a low emotional state, after having tried many other methods to lose excess weight.  Tonic pride themselves in the care and advice they give, not only before surgery but, and more importantly, for 5 years after surgery – no other provider offer this level of care for so long.

“When the average weight loss in the room is 8 stone each, that’s a pretty huge life changing situation.  More importantly it’s not all about physical appearance.  Most people in the room have managed to lower or eliminate health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure. This achievement allows our patient to really have their life back.” Explained Tonic Director Kay Franklin.

The day was a huge success, allowing everyone to make connections, share in the success of others and showcase what they have all become. A celebration of optimism, determination and recognition to all those involved in their weight loss journey.

The Surgeons also took part in a Q&A panel on the day which was great fun and all the dieticians, fitness instructors and therapists were all there to meet everyone and chat to face-to-face. “

The day was all about ‘Giving Back’, giving back to all our patients who have worked very hard with us to achieve the weight loss they desired and meet all the Tonic team – I am proud to be a part of this.” Commented Sherif Awad, Bariatric Surgeon.

On the day Tonic raised over £1000 for the Geoff Horsfield foundation for the homeless, made friends for life and left knowing each and every one of us achieved something that day.

“Your not a number, you are real to them not just a name in a book.” ‘Don’t think about the cost, think about the life you want to have, it’s about having the freedom to live the life you want to live.” Just a few patient comments on the day…

Making a difference to your life and giving lives back - it’s what Tonic do every day and The Tonic Garden Party was a chance to celebrate that.

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