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World Class Speaker set to visit East Midlands

The private advisory group for business owners, Vistage, is set to bring internationally renowned speaker and coach, Lynn Leahy, to the East Midlands to speak to Vistage members and colleagues from across the region.

Lynn covers a range of diverse topics to help businesses get the best out of their teams, including building resilience, managing change and cultivating emotional intelligence within management. Her previous clients include Adidas, Unilever, Shell, Ofsted and Universities throughout the UK.

From Hong Kong to Australia, Lynn’s speaking has taken her across the world throughout her 25-year career, winning coveted awards such as Overseas Speaker of The Year and The Vistage International Award. Lynn will bring this wealth of experience and knowledge to her session in the East Midlands, for Vistage group v314 in November.

Vistage Chair, Chris Everard, leads the group who will be hearing from Lynn. He said:

“It will be an honour to welcome Lynn back to the region to give some further real insight and inspire my group members again. From watching her in the past, I know she is an incredible speaker, bringing great value to anyone who has the pleasure of listening, both personally and professionally. Hearing from world-class speakers is one of my favourite benefits of Vistage membership and has helped many of my members overcome specific barriers to growth and success throughout the years.”

As part of the session, Lynn will introduce actors to simulate real-world conflicts and difficult situations with group members. She said:

“This form of issue processing is particularly effective as it gives group members the opportunity to act out past scenarios with the luxury of hindsight or future scenarios to prepare themselves. The group will work together to process what is happening within the difficult work situation in real time. The actors are an incredibly useful resource to help improve communication, both verbally and non-verbally and bring clarity to each circumstance.”

Lynn continued:

“I’ve been a Vistage speaker for 20 years and I have seen the organisation change people’s lives. Being a Director of a company can be a very lonely place and the stress and pressure of your position can affect your personal life – having up to 15 people from non-competitive businesses to turn to can have an incredibly positive effect. Vistage is like having a non-executive board and a group of friends rolled into one. Having worked all over the world, I have seen what a truly international organisation Vistage is and the different ways it has helped people both professionally and personally – there is nothing else like it.”

Vistage is the world’s largest provider of private advisory groups for business owners, CEO’s and executives, with over 21,000 members worldwide. The organisation brings together like-minded business leaders to share their expertise, discuss business practices and overcome personal and professional challenges - led and supported by a network of Vistage Chairs. As part of Vistage membership, business leaders get to watch and interact with some of the world’s best speakers, coaches and motivators on a monthly basis.

For more information about Vistage, contact Chris Everard on [email protected]


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