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Rilmac Raise Money for ARCA Charity Week

Rilmac supports ARCA Charity Week with the big zip line challenge.

Although there was rain in the air, no one from Rilmac who faced The Big Zip Line Challenge at Wild Pines on Saturday, had their spirits dampened.  Rilmac Insulation laid down the challenge to its staff as part of ARCA Charity Week, an event designed to raise awareness of asbestos related illnesses and to raise money for vital charities.  This year ARCA, the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association, have selected Mesothelioma UK and Wigan & Leigh Hospice, as their charities.

Wild Pines Activity Park offers a selection of rope walking and zip line courses through the trees at their site near Market Rasen.  The second part of the course Rilmac used is renowned as potentially the most difficult in the UK.  There were 18 members of Rilmac staff who tackled the course for ARCA Charity Week, in less than ideal conditions, competing in five teams of three or four.

After a detailed safety and course briefing the teams headed out up in to the trees trying to be the fastest team back.  In their way stood wobbly walkways, criss-cross ropes, cargo nets, hanging logs, the ‘Invertor’, ‘Cowboy Passes’, a hero rope swing, and several zip lines, including the big one which starts 10m up, is 100m long and can hit speeds of 30mph!

The courses at Wild Pines are incredibly safe, and the excellent instructors, Sam and Jane, had very little to do once everyone was up amongst the branches, with very few needing any support at all.  The winning team completed the course in just under 40 minutes, with the longest team time 1 hour 24 minutes.  Of course, it is not about winners and losers, with everyone involved aiming to achieve £1,000 for ARCA Charity Week.

One of the largest cheers of the day was reserved for Michael Woods, Managing Director at Rilmac Insulation, who confronted his very strong fear of heights and completed every element of the challenge.  Afterwards many of those involved suggested this was something we could do again.

“I would like to thank everyone who was involved in The Big Zip Challenge at Wild Pines,” said Michael, “including the excellent staff at Wild Pines, the brave Rilmac employees who faced the challenge, those who came along to support, and all our sponsors.  Everyone volunteered their time for ARCA Charity Week, have worked hard and had fun, while raising some important funds for Mesothelioma UK and Wigan & Leigh Hospice.”

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