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Arrow Solutions reveal spike in winter rail products sales

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of chemical solutions has seen a significant spike in sales for its winter rail products, as infrastructure specialists and train operating companies look to make preparations for the cold weather.

Arrow Solutions, which has been supplying its products to the sector for nearly 50 years, has won a string of new contracts for its Thaw Granules and its Network Rail approved Third Rail Anti-Icing fluid, which prevents ice-build up on the conductor rail.

Whilst demand for these products has been strong, they have been outstripped by interest in the company’s Ballast De-Icer and Universal De-Icer solutions, both developed and manufactured at its headquarters in the East Midlands.

These fast-acting de-icing solutions are applied by simply spraying the area requiring de-icing and have built a strong track record for loosening frozen track ballast in situ or in transit and quickly removing ice and snow residues respectively.

They are also non-flammable, non-corrosive and not classed as hazardous under the CLP regulations and the formulas will not damage signal or power cable insulation.

“Our Universal De-Icer and Ballast De-Icer are really key to keeping the railways moving, helping to de-ice track, switchgear, signals, rolling stock and de-icing frozen ballast…they’re very versatile,” explained Alex Campbell, who joined Arrow Solutions earlier this year as its dedicated Sales Manager for Rail.

“They are absolutely crucial with the sector continually looking to reduce the significant costs associated with delays and cancellations, not to mention improving customer satisfaction if we can work together to keep trains on time and on track.”

He went on to add: “What we have noticed this year is our customers are looking to place orders sooner than normal, making sure they have the right quantities available for when the winter weather inevitably starts.

“We are already 15% up on sales across the board for all of our winter products and there are still a few big months to come. The additional orders – with large infrastructure companies and train operators - prove our solutions do exactly what they say they will.”

Arrow Solutions’ R&D team is constantly working to develop exciting new products, which meet the ever-changing needs of the rail industry.

The firm’s consultative approach and hard work to understand the challenges faced by the sector were crucial factors in it achieving approval by Network Rail for its Third Rail Anti-Icing product.

This process took 18 months, but proved that the approach can deliver the right product, for the right application and at a lower cost than previous methods.

A strong in-house capability, combined with sustained annual investment, means the company also works to continually improve existing products, such as its Winter Grade Train Screenwash that is effective down to minus 20 degrees.

Other benefits include non-smearing, preventing screenwash reservoir and nozzles from freezing and remaining safe when in contact with wipers and seals to prevent them degrading. Importantly, all of its winter rail solutions carry Rail Cat numbers.

Preventative Maintenance

Arrow Solutions meets the cleaning and maintenance needs of a host of major organisations within the rail sector.

Going forward, the firm believes there are additional opportunities for supplying professional chemical products for the cleaning and maintenance of bogies and wheel sets.

Alex went on to add:

“Preventative maintenance is critical within the sector and we’re beginning to see an increasing number of rail OEMs operating their own bogie maintenance facilities.

“This is good news for our business as we have a number of well-proven products currently available, such as Metaklenz and Delta, that deliver outstanding cleaning and degreasing solutions for bogies and wheel sets.”

2018 is a major year for Arrow Solutions, with the company organising a number of special events to celebrate 50 years of supplying cleaning solutions for the automotive, aerospace, general engineering, rail and commercial hygiene sectors.

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Caption for Photo: Alex Campbell, Sales Manager for Rail

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