Hero Coach Driver Saves “Quackers” Geese With Super Driving Skills

A Skills’ coach driver from Nottingham has been hailed a hero after his quick thinking allowed a gaggle of geese to cross a busy road in Nottingham.

At 12.15pm on Wednesday, Clifford Cattermole (35) had just left the Skills’ depot when he spotted the group of young geese attempting to cross the A610 dual carriageway at Cinderhill Island.

Instead of letting drivers speed past him and risking the birds becoming road kill, Clifford used his quick thinking to position his double decker bus across both lanes, allowing the geese to pass safely.

“The geese didn’t seem to worried about the whole thing.” said Clifford. “In fact I think they probably saw me and my big yellow bus as ‘Big Bird’ guiding them across.” he joked.

“I’ve always been an animal lover, all my life I’ve always had pets, rabbits, dogs, chickens and even guinea pigs. I didn’t think twice about stopping, and once people behind realised what was going on they were more than happy to wait.”

Daniel Stone, a passer-by at the time took this fantastic photo and contacted Skills to say,

“I saw a fantastic bus driver this afternoon, he carefully positioned his bus to help the flock of geese, which seem to reside in the Hilton Gateway Hotel grounds, cross the road safely. It was a very nice gesture indeed!”

“It was lovely to get a message from the public about Clifford’s rescue effort.” said Christian Cudworth, head of marketing at Skills.

“I was really proud when I read the message from Daniel on our social media and it just goes to show that here at Skills we really do take the safety of not just our passengers but everyone around us -including geese, seriously.”

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