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trentbarton sends bus to help Pete, 88, get onboard

When trentbarton heard that an 88-year-old customer was struggling to get onboard with his mobility scooter, the bus company had the bright idea to send a bus to his home so he could practice getting on and off to build his confidence.

That’s why a bus turned up at the Bingham home of Pete and Sue Wilson – plus a video crew so the exercise could be recorded and used to help train hundreds of trentbarton drivers.

Sue, 74, contacted trentbarton because she was worried that her husband would not get out and about as much:

“He had an awful lot of trouble with his scooter when he got on the bus and said he didn’t want to go through that again. I thought I’m not having that.

“I phoned trentbarton to ask for some advice and was told ‘we can’t have our customers upset like this’. They offered to bring a bus to our home, so Pete could practice getting on and parking the scooter.”

Pete, a former electrician, has problems with balance and has had a scooter for a year. As keen bus users, the couple were keen to keep travelling, both in and out of Nottingham and also further afield.

Sue said:

“We’re really thrilled that trentbarton are doing this for Pete and hope the video will help all the drivers and their customers. It will make my life much easier if we can easily get on a bus.

“I’m thrilled and very grateful to trentbarton. I have really enjoyed talking with the people there, everyone has been so kind about it.”

Pete said:

“I’m hopeful it will give me the confidence to get on the bus okay and travel a bit further.”

Christian Allen-Clay, mainline team leader, said:

“Our drivers are very patient with all our customers and get regular training to provide everyone with a great service, especially those who have mobility issues or need assistance in other ways.

“We don’t like to see our customers struggling so if we can help, we will. We try to see, through their eyes, the experience of being on one of our buses. I can understand why Pete lacked confidence and was anxious about holding up the bus. We have visited him to give him as much time as he needs to practice. We hope he’s now more assured and that others will benefit from his experience.

“trentbarton has a track record of going above and beyond to cater for all of our customers. We were one of the first in the UK to have an all low-floor fleet of buses and the majority of our vehicles have audio and visual next stop announcements.”

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