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East Midlands-based We Love Surveys launch innovative partnership with leading pharmacy chain Day Lewis

Award-winning pharmacy chain Day Lewis has announced an innovative approach to their patient experience feedback by teaming up with specialist company We Love Surveys.

A family-run business established in 1975, Day Lewis is one of the largest independent pharmacy chains in the UK and Europe with more than 315 pharmacies and more than 2,600 employees.

Day Lewis’s core value is to help people in the community stay healthy and feel better and, by joining forces with We Love Surveys, the pharmacy aims to enhance their already-strong ethos of delivering the very best service to their patients.

We Love Surveys are experts in point of experience feedback, with a strong track record of working in the healthcare and retail industries, and it was their Buzz Box piece of kit that caught the eye of Day Lewis.

Day Lewis previously relied on mystery shopping to evaluate their patients’ experience in pharmacies, but it had limited use and, as a snapshot in time, did not provide enough information.

We Love Surveys owner Helen Dargie said:

“One of the Day Lewis regional support managers happened to see our Buzz Box in use at a previous pharmacy we were working with and thought it was an interesting tool, so got in touch with us.

“As of June 1, we now have 310 Buzz Boxes placed in Day Lewis pharmacies, able to capture feedback from patients on their experience, every minute of every day.

“Whereas previously Day Lewis were having one or two mystery shops a year per location, our Buzz Boxes have replaced that method and will now be their core customer experience measure on their KPI dashboard.

“But, more importantly, we will deliver results to the pharmacy teams each week, giving them vital insight into their local patients and how they feel about the service they receive.”

For Day Lewis, the ability to monitor their own feedback and react to it, and to ensure they continue to deliver the best-possible service to their patients, was paramount.

Head of pharmacy Tim Rendell said:

“Funding cuts in the industry have had an impact on us, as they have on other pharmacies, so we are always looking at other ways to keep ourselves ahead of the pack.

“The one way we can do that in terms of getting patients to keep using our pharmacies is to deliver great service, to offer services you perhaps wouldn’t find elsewhere.

“Our ethos is that it’s all about our patients and delivering them a really great, caring service. The Buzz Boxes will help us understand our patients’ every-day service.

“It’s less about that one-off experience with the mystery shop, and all about what do we deliver every day, what’s the service like in Pharmacy A compared to Store B and Store C? How can we help our pharmacy team deliver the best service we possibly can within their own local environment?”

The opportunity to work with We Love Surveys was also an attractive proposition for Day Lewis.

Rendell added:

“Although we’re a big business, we’re very much a family business and that is still an integral part of our culture. We’re very much pro B2B – we want to work with small businesses and develop close relationships with our suppliers, and help projects grow together.”

Dargie expects to see big results from the Buzz Boxes and pointed to past retail experiences as an example.

She said:

“The biggest Buzz Box project in retail we’ve had to date was with a large British catalogue company, and that had a massive step change in how they deal with customers.

“The good thing with our Buzz Box is that it allows the manager locally to do something about the service, so they’re not just waiting for that one person in 12 months to define what their pharmacy is all about and what type of service they deliver.

“I strongly believe that mystery shopping has little purpose for retailers in today’s environment; there are so many variables that can impact how your service looks on a particular day at a particular minute.

“Buzz Box helps to get rid of those types of anomalies, and will help the manager see what is really happening in the pharmacy and give them the evidence to recognise what changes need to be made.

“We are very proud to be working with Day Lewis on this forward-thinking, patient-focused project, and look forward to working closely with them in the coming months and years.”


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