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Customers rank trentbarton drivers #1 again

trentbarton drivers have retained their ranking as number one in the bus business, according to the latest Transport Focus survey of passengers.

The survey, which ran across the final four months of 2017, saw trentbarton’s drivers once again given the highest rating – an improved 94 per cent – of all the bus companies in the national study. The closest company’s drivers scored 92 per cent.

Transport Focus is the independent transport watchdog that represents the voice of customers and campaigns for better transport. It asked hundreds of passengers nationwide for their views about punctuality, bus stops, waiting time, cleanliness and the drivers. The research included some of the country’s biggest companies and municipal-run operators.

Ratings for driver appearance, greeting, helpfulness, attitude and giving time for passengers to sit down before setting off all topped 93 per cent. trentbarton’s score for value for money held firm at 73 per cent.

trentbarton managing director Jeff Counsell said:

“Again the whole country is made aware of what have always known, that our drivers are the best in the country.

“Last year our drivers scored an impressive 91 per cent, the best in the country. To have raised the bar again to a fantastic 94 per cent is industry-leading, hugely satisfying for trentbarton and – most importantly – reflects the great service our customers enjoy and value.

 “Our drivers’ amazingly high scores are the fruit of many years of relentless focus on how our drivers work with and for our customers. Research tells us that having friendly drivers is vital to a successful transport network, and we go above and beyond to make sure we have a happy team to drive our growth.

“We will not rest on our laurels. Until we get to 100 per cent there will always be room for even more improvement. We will keep asking our customers how we can get better and will listen closely to what they say and act on it.”

trentbarton is welcoming applications to join its award-winning driving team with the message that it’s all about a candidate’s personality, not qualifications.

First and foremost, applicants must be driven by customer service to exceed expectations and delight those that travel on its services. To discover if a potential driver has the right qualities, the application form takes a novel approach by asking questions such as ‘what’s your favourite joke?’ and ‘what’s your favourite biscuit?’.

Jeff said:

“Our drivers are part of the local communities they serve. It’s important we continue to employ only the best people who can make our customers smile, day in, day out. That’s how we’ll stay number one.”

The driving team is growing as trentbarton continues to extend service routes and increase frequency. Applications are via:

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