Inspiring Business by Sharing Success

East Midlands small businesses and students celebrate translation placement successes

A celebratory dinner was held at Antenna in Nottingham on 3rd May to celebrate the successes of an on-going student-employer free and fully funded placement scheme that specialises in international languages and translation.

All businesses and students who have taken part in the last year have been invited to the dinner which featured presentations from students local businesses who have been involved so far, including cannula specialist Vein Train, consultancy firm Prism Insight, software developers Uni-Soft Systems and Gas Detection Suppliers, whose name is self-explanatory!

University of Nottingham’s ‘Languages for Business’ is an ERDF scheme organising and funding placement opportunities for Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire SMEs to help them expand into international markets- even if they hadn’t considered it before.

The scheme pairs up highly skilled University of Nottingham students with languages and cultural expertise (either native speaking international students or British students specialising in languages, cultures or translation) and local SMEs in the form of free work placements.

So far, Languages for Business has helped East Midlands businesses explore Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French and Russian markets, translate websites, pitches and give advice on cultural etiquette.

We’ve all seen bizarre translations from online translators which have their limits when you’re thinking about reaching international markets. How about trying to direct translate “Ey up me duck!” to potential Spanish customers? If you end a conversation with a Japanese client with “Okidokie”, it can potentially translate to “my heavily beating heart”, which might make business a little awkward.

The placements are an excellent way for East Midlands businesses to access quality translation and cultural skills for things like website translation, business etiquette advice or market research to identify potential leads and the viability of expanding your business internationally.

Key points:

  • ERDF funded to support Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire SMEs
  • Approximately 40-60 hours placement time spread across 4-8 weeks
  • Students can work remotely or on-site, depending on your needs
  • You gain invaluable international expertise, students gain invaluable work experience

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