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Bootleg Beatles, Special Charity Concert - 24 May 2018, Nottingham

Taking a mid-tour break, the band is hosting a special Charity Concert to raise funds for The Ear Foundation, the Nottingham-based charity which supports children and adults with hearing loss.

Melanie Gregory, CEO of the charity, said:

“We are absolutely thrilled that The Bootleg Beatles are giving up their time to play this very special charity concert for us and want to say a big thank you to them. 

“Having the opportunity to listen to such fabulous music and raise money at the same time is also very poignant. It is thanks to the work of our charity that many of those who have hearing loss have been able to adopt the latest technologies, such as cochlear implants and bone conducting hearing implants."

The Bootleg Beatles, who have performed over 4,000 times since the band was established in March 1980, have played headline gigs in countries including Russia and Japan, as well as at the famous Glastonbury Festival. Later this year, they will be heading off on tour to Australia.
Steve White, Paul McCartney with The Bootleg Beatles, whose wife is an audiologist, says the band understands only too well the importance of protecting your hearing.

“Hearing is something that we all take for granted until it’s lost or impaired,” he said. “This not only affects the individual but impacts on friends and family alike. As musicians it’s essential that we preserve our own hearing and we feel privileged to help support such a worthy charity by playing this fantastic event.”

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