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Nottingham clinic expanding with recruitment of ‘The Running Man’

A Nottingham Osteopathy clinic is expanding its service offering to include Slow Motion Video Analysis of running technique and Technical Running Training with the recruitment of Tom Daw, Nottingham’s ‘Running Man’.

Tom, who heads up the Advanced Running Group at Nottingham University, will be joining the team at Lace Market Clinic, just off Talbot Street. He is a renowned running coach with the experience of over 30 marathons and Ultras under his belt.

The new appointment comes at an exciting time for Lace Market Clinic, with the team recently moving to a fully refurbished, period property at 7 Russell Place in the city centre. The business has been running for more than a decade and was founded by Osteopath Adam Richmond.

Adam said:

“I’m very excited to have Tom join us. He has exactly the talent and energy I want to support and nurture in our fantastic new location.”

Tom is fresh and ready to start the new role after running this year’s London Marathon as a guide runner for Agata Cienciala, a visually impaired athlete he’s been working with for over a year.

Tom added:

“It is great to be working alongside Adam. As a runner who enjoys both recreational and competitive running, I believe it’s important to have the right people to help, guide and mentor you. I strive to assist runners of all levels to improve performance, hit their goals, avoid injury but most importantly to enjoy running. I am delighted to be a part of the professional and supportive environment of the Lace Market Clinic.”

As part of the new service offering, Tom will be performing slow motion video analysis of client’s running technique using the clinic’s in-house video and software equipment. He will also provide technical and strength training to give the runners the tools they need to become more resilient to injury and possibly a bit faster too.

For more on Lace Market Clinic, visit or call 0115 870 5083.

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