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Emergency first aiders in Newark can ‘keep calm and carry on’ with their vital checks thanks to a generous donation by a Surrey healthcare company.

Community First Responders from the Newark & Fosse Way and Vale First Responders branches each received a donation of 10 Nexus blood glucose meters from Woking-based GlucoRx. The cost-saving equipment will help volunteer members of the community respond to emergency calls in the Newark area.

Cllr Rowan Bird has type 2 diabetes. He is the Mayor of Bingham and is a First Responder with the Vale First Responders branch. He said:

“I personally use the Nexus blood glucose meter. Previously, the sticks for use with monitors were provided by East Midlands Ambulance Service, but when this funding stopped we decided to use the GlucoRx meters as the cost is dramatically less, saving us £18 on each pack of test strips. We are extremely grateful to receive the meters which have, and will continue to save us money.”

First Responders are trained to respond to emergency calls through the 999 system in conjunction with the Ambulance Service Responders provide immediate care to patients in rural areas where distance may delay the prompt arrival of an ambulance.

They are trained to deliver basic life support and defibrillation to patients in cardiac arrest and appropriate calls including oxygen administration to patients suffering from a range of conditions.

During 2016 and 2017, Community First Responders from the Newark & Fosseway branch have given more than 2,300 hours of their time and have attended more than 300 jobs.

From February 2017 to January 2018 their seven counterparts at Vale First Responders attended 160 jobs giving-up more than 1,545 hours of their time.

Peter Winter, Chair and Group Coordinator for Newark & Fosse Way First Responders, said:

“The Trustees and myself are delighted to receive such a wonderful gesture from Chris Chapman, Managing Director of GlucoRx. We will begin using the new equipment as soon as our training team have familiarised themselves with the device. We are extremely grateful.”

The GlucoRx Nexus is currently the country’s second leading brand of glucometers, providing pharmacies, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and hospitals with the devices and consumables used to measure the blood sugar levels of people with diabetes.

Using NHS Prescription Cost Analysis and ePACT, an online application with five years’ worth of prescribing data, GlucoRx has calculated their cost-effective products have saved the NHS £100 million.

Chris Chapman, director of GlucoRx, said:

“We are delighted to be able to facilitate low-acquisition cost products to voluntary organisations especially having spent 13 years myself as a volunteer as a Special Constable – it’s a real feel good factor.”

Anyone who wants to become a First Responder will receive training. For more information, email [email protected]


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