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Derby Stonework Firm 'UN-LOCH's' Increased Revenue at Linlithgow

Businesses around a Scottish Loch have seen their revenue increase three-fold all thanks to a regeneration project assisted by Derby stonework company, Blanc de Bierges

The renovations at Linlithgow Loch have been driven by Historic Environment Scotland to landscape the area, maintain the footpaths and repair the copings surrounding the Loch. 

The project has been welcomed by local businesses who have seen an increased number of tourists who have not only visited the area, but also used social media to document their visit, encouraging others to do the same 

Mr Findlay Erskine, owner of Williamscraig Holiday Cottages said:

“Any time spent renovating the Loch is well worth it.  It brings more tourists to the area, and I've seen a three-fold increase in bookings- I am even taking bookings up until November”. 

Over recent years, the sides of the 41 hectares of Loch have started to corrode and new copings are now being installed.

As part of an on-going project, Blanc de Bierges is sending hundreds of copings to the site. The copings are being sent in batches as the project is being done in stages. 

Chris McBride from Blanc de Bierges, said:

“The Loch is being refurbished in sections after the original sidings disintegrated and fell in to the water, causing the sides to cave in.

"A total of 225 copings have just been delivered to Linlithgow Palace. This follows the last order of 150, which is obviously testament to our products and their suitability”

“I am delighted to hear that many of the local businesses in the area are seeing increased revenue as a result. Interestingly, the original copings were also made by Blanc de Bierges and were installed many years ago”

Linlithgow Loch is a site of special scientific interest due to the wildfowl which inhabit the area, and Linlithgow is famous for its Palace, which is the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots.

Dr Kashif Ashraf, a civil engineer working with Historic Environment Scotland said: 

“We used similar copings a long time ago for a part of the Loch edge. We wanted to use the same company- Blanc De Bierges as we were pleased with their work last time and because they understood our specification completely” 

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