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Innovative supplements manufacturer Nutrivitality exceeds job creation growth with help from Derby University.

Nutritional supplement manufacturer Nutrivitality has increased its production capacity 10-fold and created eight new jobs since securing grant funding from the University of Derby’s Invest to Grow programme.

The Derby firm has invested the grant in the purchase of new, cutting edge equipment capable of isolating and preparing vitamins to increase the nutrient absorption into the body by eight times more than traditional vitamin tablets. 

The investment has led to the creation of eight new jobs since the project began, with the company currently looking to fill three more positions. The project had forecasted five jobs over a two-year period, however due to the impact of the grant, Nutrivitality is expected to have doubled the forecast within the first year.

The grant was funded by University of Derby’s Invest to Grow programme, which encourages innovation from local companies.

Nutrivitality, which launched in December 2016, has developed a highly-specialised liquid vitamin preparation which increases the bioavailability of the nutrients it contains, enabling absorption of over 80%. Other vitamin products on the market typically deliver only 10% absorption or less.

Nutrivitality uses a technology called ‘NutriProtect liposomes’ to produce specially-designed delivery systems, engineered on a nano-scale, to deliver targeted medication and nutrition.

Acting like a ‘lifejacket’ around the vitamins, special molecules called phospholipids form an insoluble bubble around each individual nutrient, protecting it from the harsh environment of the digestive system and ensuring it retains its integrity until it is delivered to the gut, where it is absorbed.

Once in the blood stream, the liposome gravitates to the site of the cell damage, and the phospholipids are stripped away to be used by the body to build new cells. At this stage, the vitamins are released in pristine condition, ready to treat any issues.

Years of research, in partnership with leading scientists and universities from across the UK, have gone into developing the unique technology that Nutrivitality uses to produce its supplements. The firm is currently working with Derby University on further clinical trials and new products.

Director David Campbell said:

“The grant has allowed us to significantly increase the speed of manufacturing. With this investment, what would have taken us a week is now possible in a morning. This means we can be much more cost effective, and keep up with the orders coming in.

“Most people we talk to don’t realise that the vitamins in the supplements they take get destroyed in the stomach, or are passed out so don’t actually get into the body. We want to educate people that there is now a solution. 

“The funding has also allowed us to speed up our product development, and we plan to launch many more products over the coming six months. 

“The feedback we’ve been receiving from individuals taking the products has been fantastic, and it’s clear that the technology has the ability to make significant positive impacts on people’s lives which is really rewarding. 

“We will continue to innovate, and are now starting to work with partners in Europe and beyond.”  

Mark Wheddon, head of strategic programmes at the university, added,

 “We are proud to support this project through the Invest to Grow Fund. Nutrivitality is an innovative company and this funding has supported its growth in the region. We hope to continue to support the business with further opportunities in the future.”

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